Moderate Muslim Nation Of England Alert! Guardian Article Contains Mohammed Picture Trigger Warning

“Warning: this article contains the image of the prophet Muhammad, which some may find offensive.” Translation – Please Muslims don’t kill US!

That trigger warning is contained in the following article which sadly further exposes the sharia rot of a once great nation.

Victoria & Albert Museum in row over self-censorship after Muhammad image is taken down

The Victoria and Albert museum has attempted to conceal its ownership of a devotional image of the prophet Muhammad, citing security concerns, in what is part of a wider pattern of apparent self-censorship by British institutions that scholars fear could undermine public understanding of Islamic art and the diversity of Muslim traditions.

Similar images have been shown in exhibitions across Europe and America without prompting outrage, much less protests or a violent response. Made by Muslim artists for fellow Muslims, they come from a long but often overlooked tradition.


That Mohammed pic is kinda gay no? I think the V&A should be reclassified as a Musleum.  h/t Avi