Jim Goad: Something’s Lousy at Dalhousie

It’s quite clear to anyone with a brain that Canadians speak ill of Americans due to their deep-rooted feelings of inferiority, inadequacy, and national humiliation at the hands of their much more popular and powerful big brother to the south. It’s beyond fun to mock Canadians, and it’s comically easy to send them into a defensive fury.

In an analysis of this silly-ass dentistry/misogyny scandal, Margaret Wente of The Globe and Mail summarizes the offensive comments that have grievously chafed the loins of female activists and their testosterone-sapped male enablers:

On their Facebook page, some of them joked about using chloroform on women. Someone asked the members to vote on which female student they’d rather have “hate” sex with. In one post, someone jokes that a penis is “the tool used to wean and convert lesbians and virgins into useful, productive members of society.” Another responds, “And by productive I’m assuming you mean it inspires them to become chefs, housekeepers, babysitters, etc.”

Pardon me for thinking that sounds kind of funny—and, more importantly, harmless.

…The whistleblowing dental student who snitched on his Facebook buddies to get the whole scandal rolling is one Ryan Millet, who himself is one of the 13 suspended students.