How to produce alcohol in a Sharia-controlled country?

Thank France24 for this handy How-To. h/t Winston

  • Ghost of Ed

    Not a bad ‘How-to.” I might give it a try.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Don’t take lessons from that Iranian moonshiner; he’s making rotgut.
      Everything’s going into that bottle. Heads, tails, and everything in-between.
      I built my first still in the 9th grade for chemistry credit.

      Plan on spending almost a grand before you have your first taste of white lighting, if you are going to do it right.
      High proof vodka/Everclear is what you will wind up with.
      Do this outside away from anything flammable or expensive and keep and eye on that still (paying special attention to your temperature) the first few times you do it. Don’t wander off.
      Just get some whole wheat grains and maybe some rice (run it through a food processor for a bit) or even corn and add a bunch of table sugar, some clean water (I preferred distilled water – it leaves less of a mess inside your still), and after a few tries, you will get the process and ratios dialed in.
      If you want a quality product, you will be distilling your lightning a few times and with some activated charcoal filtering, you will be good to go.
      There are lots of resources on-line, if you really want to do this right.

      • AlanUK

        Don’t even think of trying it in the UK.
        Making wine and beer for personal use – fine. I have made (and drunk) some excellent versions of both: definitely up to the standard of acceptable supermarket versions.
        But just try to sell anything or to distil even a drop and you will be in BIG trouble with Customs and Excise.

        • minuteman

          That’s what makes it fun. I make my own wine and beer. I’ve never sold any though. I’m not enough of a drunk to be bothered with distilling, although it does look interesting.

          • AlanUK

            You can produce (legally and easily) alcohol up to the maximum the yeast will stand. Depending on the yeast this could be in the range 12-15% ABV but I understand there are commercial yeasts that will go up to 25%. Since this is half and half whisky/water I would find that an excellent sufficiency! That’s up around the Port and Sherry level of 20%.

      • Maggat

        Do it right, very carefully, it’s a lot of fun and when cut down to 40% quite drinkable.

      • Maggat

        Good site, thanks. The pictures do suggest the tower could be used as a reflux.

    • Maggat

      It’s easy enough. Go online and research the subject, good luck

  • SheltonAmos

    Since I, too, am a lazy slug and don’t have the time or inclination to
    pore through mounds of law books, I have taken the liberty to provide
    the following link to the Home Distiller’s Association which provides
    information for those of us who live in Florida and may want to make a
    small batch or two of home-made spirits. The bottom line is that it’s
    ILLEGAL to own a still in Florida unless you pay a $4,000 fee to the
    State for a Craft Distiller’s permit. Outrageous.