Holocaust Memorial Day 2015: Why denial of Jewish genocide thrives in the Arab world

To deny the Holocaust in the Western world is to be a crank, a crackpot, a crazed conspiracy theorist. In some countries, it’ll make you a criminal.

But across the Middle East, denying the incontrovertible events of the Holocaust in which 6 million Jews, as well as left-wing intellectuals and the disabled were murdered by the Nazis is the official line. In fact, you’re in the minority if you don’t.

  • Hard Little Machine

    As if the effete liberals of Europe don’t half of them believe exactly the same thing. You think it’s odd to criminalize holocaust denial in Europe? Wait a while, in a year or two it will be against the law NOT to deny the holocaust.

  • winniec

    The UNBLINKING ability to deny established historical and scientific fact is one of the principle symptoms of Islamopathic Personality Disorder (IPD), a serious and lethal mental illness in which the patient shouts supremacist slogans before shooting unarmed people and blowing himself up.

  • Islam brainwashes Muslims. Muslims believe fantasy in favor of the brainwashing.

    That said, I hope The International Business Times uses some sort of automated advertising system to place adds on the lower boarder of photos. Maybe that is their excuse.

    Look at this screen capture today. The add appeared as I was reading the story.

    I wonder if American Express truly wants its advertisement to appear on the image of dead Holocaust victims.

    Sad state of affairs. Internet advertising hits new lows.