Five footballers from east London who quit UK to transfer to ISIS in Syria linked to Jihadi John

Five radicalised footballers from east London who left the UK to join ISIS may hold the key to helping western authorities locate British executioner Jihadi John.

The group of militants all moved from their native Portugal to London, where they converted to Islam before adopting extremist views and travelling to Syria to join the terrorist network’s ranks.

The men, who lived in Leyton and Walthamstow, have long been on the radar of intelligence officials – who believe the group plays a vital role in the production and dissemination of the sick beheading videos featuring Jihadi John.


  • He looks Portuguese.

  • pdxnag

    I am hunting for a word ending in ized for when a lax Muslim finally does some reading of the koran and becomes pious. Piousized just does not sound well at all. Does he become a “normalized” Muslim when he sounds like anyone from the mob of Rage Boys in Pakistan who routinely scream about some Islamic nonsense for the cameras?

  • Doug Kursk

    nice suppressed AK-74m

  • ntt1

    just keep them out. there is no way anyone raised and conditioned in the west could revert enough to accept the medieval society islam imposes on its members. eventually they will try to sneak back. charge them with treason and kill them or simpler just keep them in their sand pits .