Elite ideology as class warfare

“Whether intended or not, Kotkin points out that encouraging people to live in crowded cities not only stifles the ownership of private property that’s been a mark of increasing mass material prosperity for two centuries, but it re-creates a renting class at the mercy of moneyed landowners that he describes as a “new feudalism.”

On the surface this might resemble the predatory relationship between employers and workers that Marx agitated against, but among the many things that have changed is that the people often agitating for a new urbanism wouldn’t consider themselves philosophically opposed to Marx and his legacy – probably because this brave new world never seems to put them in a rented tenement.

Kotkin writes: “An examination of where high-profile ‘smart growth’ advocates in Los Angeles live, for example, found that almost all lived in large houses, on suburban- or even exurban-sized lots, a few even in gated communities, and none were located anywhere near the public transit lines they want everyone else to use.”

  • David Murrell

    “An examination of where high-profile ‘smart growth’ advocates in Los Angeles live, for example, found that almost all lived in large houses, on suburban- or even exurban-sized lots…”,

    David Suzuki in his $4-million house?

    • ntt1

      House(s), waterfront properties etc. Suzuki is one of the worst eco-hypocrits sucking breath today.

      • David Murrell

        Houses! Not one house! Err, I stand corrected!

        • Bataviawillem

          Don’t even start me on that scumbag.

  • ntt1

    This is exactly the case in Vancouver with all the densification advocates(planners) living way out in the “unsustainable ‘burbs” They want laneway housing and reduction of required living space to less than 500 square feet.for everybody else. not all animals are equal indeed.

  • Exile1981

    It’s just like animal farm where every animal is equal but some are more equal.

  • trespasserswill

    In the England I grew up in, the working class was the citadel of financial probity, the ownership of a modest house, the work ethic, sexual restraint, family solidarity, fidelity, respect for education, sobriety, regular church attendance, absolute compliance with the law of the land, cleanliness, responsible parenting, home grown food, home baked confectionery, home made clothes, national savings certificates, pensions, and insurance to pay for your funeral. Making sure your house couldn’t catch afire and leave you homeless, keeping an allotment, and maybe some chickens so we would always have food on the table. We had to be like that, it was the way to survive and thrive.

    That whole scenario has been totally trashed in less than 40 years. I know, I’m sixty. I know how long I’ve been observing the detritus of divorce, abortion, drugs, booze, easy credit, shoplifting, benefit fraud, credit card fraud, if it stinks, it happens. Every stupid gormless young homely fat lass in town, with no educational qualifications, behaving like she is Paris Hilton, and a whole string of bairns straggling out behind her, with no real idea who she is, or who they are. They don’t fret about who their Daddy is, they have no idea what a Daddy is, and so it has never occurred to them that they don’t have one.

    Now let us consider the working class folk who dodged all those bullets, who kept themselves and their families clean, who maintained their integrity, who are still married and will die married, whose children carry those same values, who scrimped and saved, and have left their legacies. You can tell who they are. Their children and grandchildren all have the same surnames. They have no criminal records, and there are no nude pictures of them on the internet, and they do not show up at the benefits office holding their hands out, because they saved, and made their own arrangements.

    Conservatives, every one. And therefore hated, by the traditionally dissolute, grubby, sexually incontinent dilettantes whose spawn are drawing handsome salaries for purveying their poisonous tripe on the pages of the Guardian, and on the BBC.
    They really did a number on us, didn’t they?