Canadian military involved in more firefights in Iraq #JustinHasTheVapours

OTTAWA – Canadian troops have been involved in two more firefights with ISIS terrorists in the past week.

Yet another threat from ISIS

  • Exile1981

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  • mobuyus

    No need for Guantanimo bays or Abhu-gahrab prisons.Just kill all combatants and camp followers on the battle field.There is no need for waterboarding or any interrogation.There is nothing to learn from these cockroaches.The only one of them talking should be their fearless leader.And the only thing to hear is his abject unconditional surrender.I apolagize if I have offended cockroaches or any individual members of the cockroach community.

    • winniec

      You’re nuts and require immediate psychiatric intervention.

      • mobuyus

        I am under my own care thank-you.

  • winniec

    Nice hair Jus, just a little more teasing to make it perfect in this pic.
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    • Censored_often

      Hair jihad?

  • tom_billesley

    “Australia, Canada, France, Belgium and other strongholds of the Cross …”
    UK, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and Italy are already taken.

  • Do people really expect armed personnel never to fight back?