Burak Bekdil: Turkey’s Dance with Jihadists

Protestors in front of an Istanbul mosque hold signs honoring the terrorists who perpetrated the Paris attacks, as well as Osama bin Laden, January 16, 2015. (Image source: DHA video screenshot)

Turkish columnist Anmet Hakan was curious why the articles of the Turkish Penal Code that regulate “praising crime and criminals” were never applied to Islamists, while Turkish prosecutors, citing the same article, have the habit of indicting thousands of other individuals.

Good question. But it will most likely remain unanswered. Forever.

The fact is, Turkey’s ruling Islamists and their judges probably do not view the Kouachi brothers as people whose praise should amount to offence on the basis of praising criminals. On a de facto basis, perhaps, the Kouachi brothers are not even viewed as criminals. But that should not come as a surprise for a country whose prime minister has just offered a red-carpet welcome ceremony to Khaled Mashaal, head of Hamas’ political bureau…

  • winniec

    It isn’t a crime when jihadists do it.
    It isn’t an atrocity when jihadists do it.
    It isn’t a crime against humanity when jihadists do it.
    It isn’t a crime against free speech when Erdogan does it.

  • Just a thought

    And here I thought they were past the dancing and already in the bed.

  • Turkey must be thrown out of Nato, and cease to be considered as even a possible candidate for the EU. Turkey is an Islamic enemy front line state.

  • Kinneddar

    Burak Bekdil is one of the bravest and most perceptive people in Turkey. His writing shows that he “gets it.” I’m continually surprised to find that Erdogan hasn’t snared Bekdil in one of his dragnets yet.