Behind Obama’s love affair with Iran

In downtown Buenos Aires there is a cream painted building locked down like Fort Knox. Alongside the building is a billboard, but it’s no suave ad for Kelvin Klein. The billboard is black, and eighty five names, handwritten in white, cover it from top to bottom.

They are mainly the names of Jews. Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists murdered the eighty five when they blew up the Jewish community building, badly injuring many more. This happened in 1994.

Lately, Argentinian President Cristina de Kirchner, another Eva Peron in her beauty and blinding ambition, has been bartering with Iran: a cover-up of the crime in exchange for Iranian oil and Argentine grain.

To add to the witch’s brew, the prosecutor who spent a decade compiling a million page case on the bombing, and was about to testify on the cover-up of de Kirchner and her cronies, got a bullet to the head in his bathtub. His name was Alberto Nisman. Last year he indicted a Hezbollah man and some former Iranian officials of high rank, for whom arrest warrants were then issued.

h/t DS

  • winniec

    We will have no peace until ISIS and the Iranian mullahocracy no longer exist. Kirchner will only find safety in Iran and maybe not even there. A traitor to her oath of office to defend the law!

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Obama is merely a chameleon. I mean how linked to one’s ideology does one have to be to not realize this. Obama launched 7 wars; Bush launched 4. The fact is the US is reliant on war and I feel that Israel will get to attack Iran anytime. Boehner and the meeting Netanyahu had with the Republicans is proof of that.

    Obama is allied with the special interests and all parties have factions but the truth is Obama is not linked with Iran. The sanctions prove that. Iran’s leader is also too close with the mullahs.

    The US has to be weary of Russia’s pact with Iran. If Iran is attacked, then WW3 is most likely going to happen.

    So the premise of the article is wrong to begin with.

    Obama and even our Conservative party want to continue the alliances. Only the pundits want to argue Obama is not pro-Western enough but the fact is Obama is merely pretending.

    The fact is Obama is an imperialist.