Trudeau’s wrong, again

TORONTO – Today let’s deconstruct the silliness of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s claim U.S. President Barack Obama would have approved the Keystone XL pipeline by now if Prime Minister Stephen Harper had put a price on industrial carbon dioxide emissions.

First, the U.S. has never put a price on its emissions so it’s clearly not a priority for the Americans.

Sure, Obama talks a good game about doing it someday — long after his second term as president has expired — but that’s all.

His so-called “historic agreement” with China to mutually reduce emissions is neither historic, nor an agreement.

It has no timetable, targets or penalties. It’s a non-binding statement of possible future intent. That’s all.

Now let’s consider what Obama’s done, as opposed to what he’s said.

  • Gary

    Poor Justin , a genius makes the complicated simple , the idiot makes the simple complicated .

    • JoKeR

      And Justin is the more wooden of the two!

  • truthdareisay

    ohhh I got confused… Thought the picture of JT was under #I am Muslim.. 🙂

  • Ottawa Eyes

    You have to remember that most of the people running “Team Trudeau” worked on Obama’s Democratic nomination campaign even though they are Canadians.

    There are extremely close ties between the people working in Trudeau’s office and the US Democratic Party.

    They care far more about their various causes like supporting environmental groups’ funding and agendas and their future careers than they do about the long term good of Canada.

    • mobuyus

      All that and pleasing George soros.He did front obama 78 million bucks.

  • BillyHW

    But he’s so dreamy!

    • Surele Surele

      And the hair! Don’t forget the hair!

  • Bubba Brown

    The little twat-waffle lives in a make believe world.
    He promises free and open nominations, then “green lights” anyone he or his handlers does not like.
    He claims his father taught him to “Step towards danger” ???
    Really ?
    Unless of course “danger” involves a uniform and fighting to protect your country.
    His daddy ran away to Harvard during the second world war , refused to serve, and the only uniform he ever wore was a german helmet.
    Watched him sigh, shrug and make grunty noises when asked what he would do his first day if elected PM.
    He is seriously stupid JMO

    • winniec

      Pierre Trudeau studied at tax-payer expense in the Canadian Officers’ Training Corps, graduating and being commissioned. He then served with a reserve unit of Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal as a reserve infantry officer.

      Trudeau’s party hacks insisted he was a ‘rebel’ in the Army and wore a Nazi helmut sometimes, but there is no evidence for it whatsoever.

      In 1944, Mr. Trudeau graduated with honours from the law faculty of the University of Montreal. For the next two years, For the next two years, he travelled around the world: to Africa, to the Middle East, throughout Eastern Europe and to China, where he left Shanghai on an American troop carrier just before Communist forces captured the city. Trudeau abandoned the Canadian Army at the moment it needed officers most…in 1944, when so many officers had been killed or wounded in capturing Normandy and France, the British Army had to borrow officers from Canada that Canada could barely afford to do as well. Trudeau betrayed his country by going on a two-year world tour, smoking marijuana while braver Canadians died for freedom.

  • Martin B

    Trudeau Junior has bubbles in his brain.

    • Maggat

      What brain?

      • mobuyus

        His empty head whistles the muslim call to prayer on windy days.

  • mauser 98

    there is no global warming
    we are made of carbon
    carbon is good
    plants love CO2
    there are pollution problems of course.. not CO2 problems

    NASA Scientists Admit Only 38% Chance 2014 Was Hottest Year on Record – See
    more at:

  • winniec

    Nice hair, Jus.

  • Linda1000

    Trudeau simply wants another version of the old NEP tax for Alberta as his new carbon tax would target the AB oil sands and he’s already specifically named Keystone and will tie it into other oil and gas industry projects. No way or never again and AB doesn’t have the revenue now with the drop in oil price. Guess Quebec and Ontario will just have to look elsewhere rather than expect extra revenue from Ottawa via a new carbon tax.

  • Trudeau is the Canadian Obama. Obama has placated the Saudis and Tom Steyer but not his fellow Democrats or the American people.

    Canadians need to be reminded that ANY carbon tax is impractical, expensive and a war on the lower-classes who will suffer due to climbing prices.

  • WalterBannon

    Trudeau is an enemy of Canada

  • Exile1981

    I think the title should be still wrong not wrong again. It’s not like he has ever been right yet.

  • Jan Morrissy

    He simply must never be Prime Minister of Canada. (I’d have put this all in caps but then it would lack credibility…. However I will shout this on Parliament Hill on election day)