Swedish police further neutered

“Dialogue police” sent forth to grill hot dogs with the rioters and convince them to see the errors of their way. I am not making this up. This is real in Sweden. Google it! (caption and photo from linked article)

The police officers of the future are facing steep challenges, as the criminal gangs continue to gain ground in Swedish society and keep getting better armed by the day. But new recruits should be mostly concerned with not stepping on any cultural or ethnical toes, apparently.

Starting this month, police training has moved from the old Stockholm Police Academy to a place called Södertörns Högskola. This “school” is known for many things. One of them is the principal Moira Wright’s infamous thesis “Gender and Text”, in which she argues that hard, scientific facts are “patriarchical” in nature and should be disregarded in favor of gender-correct theories whenever the two collide.

In what can only be a complete coincidence, Södertörn also consistently ranks at the absolute bottom of all institutes of higher learning in the country…

h/t Marvin