Hebdo hashtag disgust

Next came a different kind of “I am Muslim; not the inclusive kind but the hysterical, angry variety.” Mobs of ignorant and ill-informed Muslims both in the Islamic heartlands and the Muslim diaspora in Europe paraded around chanting that their personal faith allowed them to suppress the opinions of others. They often became violent, burning down churches in their attempts to proclaim the dignity of all religion.

  • Jason

    Though Michael Coren sometimes strikes me as a bit of a placater (some might say “wimp”) I think he tries to be honest. The official Catholic position toward islam and the free speech debate – as represented by the Pope’s words at least – is obviously really bothering him.
    “I am disgusted. At the cowardice of those who refused to stand with Charlie Hebdo … including a faith which forms the core of my life and beliefs.”
    He’s not the only one

  • Tom Forsythe

    The original Charlie.

  • pdxnag

    Ignorant about all but their Islam.