Gates of Vienna: No-Go Zones for Jews in Malmö

The following video is a brief excerpt from a full-length program that originally appeared on Swedish state television. It’s not what you’d expect: it exposes the Swedish public to the irrefutable existence of no-go zones in Malmö — no-go zones for Jews, at the very least.

Yet the footage is shown in black and white, for some strange reason. Is this retro chic? Or is there another reason?

The fact that the faces of the bully-boy “youths” are pixelated out provides a clue about a possible motivation: concealing the ethnicity of thugs who intimidate Jews in Rosengård. Gray-scale blurry faces could be whites, Middle Easterners, Kosovars, anything but the most highly-melanized enrichers. However, a native Swede can presumably detect the immigrant patois when the young rascals yell their threats and insults. In fact, one of the punks sneers at him in heavily-accented English — and it’s not a Swedish accent…

Video with subtitles and transcript at the link.  The Swedish TV station that produced the video is trying to disguise the identity of the Jew-haters.  If they were true Swedish neo-Nazis, that fact would shouted from the rooftops. 

h/t Marvin.