Europe’s downfall – The Figures Speak for Themselves

Europe is going under right before our very eyes Bent Jensen is told by a cultural historian in an interview which has now become this article. The conclusion is that it is the voters who have laid the foundation for this disaster.

“We are living in the end times,” says my friend the cultural historian. “I’m serious, Europe’s days are numbered. I am glad that I won’t get to experience the final, last convulsions before it’s over. It won’t be a pleasant sight. My wife and I are preparing our children to emigrate. ”

“Have you gone mad?” I reply. “All is going really well! Europeans have never had it so good. We have both a wealth and freedom that is historically unique. ”

“This is true,” concedes our culture historian. “Our parents and grandparents and many generations before them have created these unique free, orderly and prosperous societies. But yours and my generation have put everything at risk. And the damage we have caused is irreversible as societal researchers have told us. We have passed the point where the any change in the nations of Europe can be reversed. Now we can only document and try to explain how and why just one generation of Europeans have managed to squander 1,000 years of culture. ”

  • pop

    The elimination of national identity to be replaced as an EU identity.

    • Achmed

      No. National identity will be replaced by Islam.

  • Rosenmops

    My wife and I are preparing our children to emigrate.

    Where to? There is no place left to run.

    • Bataviawillem

      Canada, then they have an other 10 years extra.

      • Rosenmops

        Does Canada even let Europeans immigrate here any more? Seems like we just take Muzzle’ems.

  • ed

    EU a scam even mr.ponzi would be proud of !

  • Observer

    This from the posting sure describes the CBC.

    “The media is a fourth problem. Especially the electronic so-called
    public-service television channels which have evolved into becoming
    almost a kind of political parties, albeit without a popular mandate,
    but which they, in their own right have taken as the right to set
    current political agendas and who determine what should be and what
    which must not be discussed. And since all studies clearly show that
    these media are controlled by leftists, they create a permanent
    distortion of the public debate on serious social issues, including
    Europe’s downfall.?