A foretaste of homegrown jihad

Images of five foreigners engaged in firearms practice on a Venezuelan National Police shooting range have raised some challenging questions. The Attorney General’s Office is presenting a case of international terrorism.

Three Venezuelans and five Trinidadians will stand trial on January 26 under the suspicion of being involved in alleged Muslim terrorist activities in Venezuela. After nine months in prison, the defendants will appear in court to face charges of terrorism brought against them by the Attorney General Office.

Suspicions of involvement in terrorist activities were further fuelled by cellphone images seized by SEBIN, Venezuela’s Intelligence Service, allegedly showing a group of foreigners – one of them wearing a turban – in firearms training on a Venezuelan National Police shooting range.

The images were reportedly retrieved from a cellphone seized from one of the Trinidadian Muslims among the group of 22 that travelled to Venezuela from Trinidad and were later arrested in a raid in Caracas. Five are still detained, along with three Venezuelan nationals suspected of collaborating with the alleged terrorists.