“Unity”? About What Exactly?

The recent rally for free speech and against the terrorism in Paris initially appeared to have generated a surge of defiance and resolve, not just in France but around the world. People were actually talking about a turning point in the battle against terrorism and radical Islam.

If only it were true.

The reality is that much of the political class and media remain in denial about the events in Paris.

  • Jason

    In the western media’s and politician’s comments one finds “a mixture of political correctness, wishful thinking and staggering ignorance.” How about good old fashioned duplicity?
    Many of them have their precious agendas/worldviews (islam good, western culture bad) and cling stubbornly to them, despite all evidence of their falseness. But willful blindness and self-deception is still lying.
    For some politicians, maybe it’s the recognition that their policies have flooded our countries with people who adhere to a toxic, hostile ideology; rather than admit their errors and try to undo the damage, they double down on their mistakes and deny the problem altogether.