Two Montreal women left to join ISIS: Police

MONTREAL — Two Montreal women, ages 18 and 19, were reported missing by their families in November and Canadian authorities believe they have joined Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.

Both Montrealers are considered high-risk travellers and are being investigated by Canada’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams, a source close to the investigation told QMI Agency. The two women are friends.

The Criminal Code bars any Canadian from joining terrorist groups such as ISIS or providing money or assistance of any kind.

At the request of police, QMI Agency isn’t revealing the women’s names to prevent others in their inner circle from becoming radicalized. Police say they have a close relationship with the grieving families.

CSIS overwhelmed with cases of high-risk travellers

Most CSIS staff in Montreal are tied up with high-risk traveller cases, an intelligence officer said this week.

“Our goal is to detect them, it’s the RCMP’s job to stop them,” he said, explaining that intelligence officers such as himself don’t have the authority to arrest or charge suspects.

The agent said almost anything is available on the Internet for curious young people who become radicalized.

They’re easily manipulated by cunning terrorists once they ask questions and make contacts on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

“There are guides that discuss how to go to Syria,” he said. “Guides that explain how to outwit the intelligence services. And there are guides on how to avoid investigation by police. Everything is there. It’s quite a challenge we have here.”

  • marty_p

    All the Mo’s can leave to join ISIS as far as I am concerned – the issue for Canadians is for the Govt to prevent their return and if they are caught – there is no appeal on the grounds they are Canadian citizens “so let’s forgive them and let them stay”…Govt need simply pass a law that says – you leave to join ISIS – you are renouncing your Canadian citizenship.

    • I agree, we should encourage them to leave, I would not rule out paying their fare.

      • Bataviawillem

        And right after they left smoke there passports.

    • lolwut?

      Exactly, Geography is on our side unlike Europe where they can sneak back in over land or reasonably short trips in boats arriving at thousands of ports.

  • Linda1000

    Why are we wasting so much of our law and police resources on these so-called Canadians or wanna-be Mo converts. Just note their IDs and passports in a database and don’t let them return to Canada. Enact special terrorist laws so they automatically forfeit their Cdn. citizenship and hopefully most won’t make it back.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The problem here is that they can always return under pseudonyms with forged passports.

      • Linda1000

        That’s true but with electronic reading of passports now isn’t there some way forged ones can be flagged? Otherwise, by now we would have millions using forged passports just to get into a country of choice for any reason. If it’s that easy, I’m going to buy a fake Aussie passport so I can go park my butt in a nice warm English-speaking country just like Canada for awhile.

    • Ottawa has made a huge mistake by allowing mass immigration by adherents of a cult that seeks to do us harm. They know that. They know they are guilty.

      What needs to be investigated is whether the government can be sued for negligence and wreckless endangerment.

      The governments immigration policy regarding Islam is treasonous.

      • lolwut?

        No worries, All out war with Islam is coming.
        We can deal with the traitors when that happens.

        Like it or not, war is the only way this is going to be fixed
        once and for all.

        CSIS and the Police are too busy chasing wannabe jihadists
        to be any threat to people spreading the word getting people to wake up.

        I spoke with CSIS is the mid 90’s over this whole situation that’s
        been brewing with unchecked immigration from the third world.

        I told them, knock on my door and threaten me all you like

        but a time will come when you will be too busy chasing down
        the scum we let in to deal with me “Spreading hate” and being a “Threat to the security of Canada”……

        I was right.


  • WalterBannon

    Deport all Muslims

    Ban Islam

  • lolwut?

    Good, now suspend their passports.