Thousands of Palestinians protest against Charlie Hebdo blasphemy

JERUSALEM: Thousands of Palestinians rallied in the occupied West Bank on Saturday to protest against the publication of sketches depicting the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

“France is the mother of terrorism. America is the mother of terrorism,” the protesters chanted. They carried black-and-white banners which read “There is only one God and Mohammad is his messenger.”

The protests were called by the Islamist Tahrir Party, which advocates the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate in Muslim countries.
“We have taken to the streets in order to demand Muslim armies act the way France and the West deserve in response to the repeated offences against the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), peace be upon him,” said Baher Saleh, a member of the party.

In the wake of the Paris killings, the Western-backed Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, marched in Paris alongside dozens of world leaders, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at a memorial rally for the dead.

  • WalterBannon

    Islam wants to paint us as the mother of terrorism?

    OK, lets go with it then. Nuke every Islamic country and then finish them off with Sarin gas.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      Too messy. Embargo and Blockade. No wheat, no medicine, no Toyotas, no iPhone…fuggal….only thing they deserve is Grief.

      • occupant 9

        In other words, no “white hegemony,” a position I’ve recently discovered as a way to “agree” with the Leftards who’ve invented this garbage.

  • Santos2

    Lots of “mothers of terrorism” according to these misfits.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Abbas marched because he wants to keep the money rolling in. These idiots don’t get it.

  • winniec

    Sharia law sez verbal discussion of Islam is worse than actual, physical attacks against Muslims or their property. This is the way Islam rips the meaning out of language and rips the sense out of logic and rationality.
    The only thing that is important to a Muslim is the delusionary, primal PRIDE and HONOUR of their delusional totem and pedophile pirate Mohammed.

    • Frau Katze

      Shame/honour, tribal culture.