Paris’s Muslim ‘no-go’ zones are no joke

“…Fox drew Hidalgo’s ire for saying that France in general and Paris in particular have numerous Muslim-run “no-go zones” that the police fear to enter. Fox did say that, but why would Hidalgo limit her suit to Fox? She could also sue Valeurs Actuelles, a major weekly newsmagazine, that warned against venturing into the Paris suburb of Trappes. “You will be spotted … and be stripped and smashed,” it quoted Mohammed Duhan, a local police official in a story about Islamic fundamentalists imposing an alternative society.

Or she could have sued TF1, France’s most popular TV channel, for its 90-minute documentary on the Muslim gangs in Paris’s no-go zones. Or France’s TV3, for its documentary on no-go zones.

Or Hidalgo could have sued the blue chip think tank, L’Institute Montaigne, for publishing Suburbs of the Republic, a 2,200-page report that stated Parisian suburbs are becoming “separate Islamic societies” increasingly ruled by Sharia law and inclined toward radical Islam.”

  • simus1

    The short answer is she is descended from Spanish marxist scum.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Fox News committed the unpardonable sin of exposing her dirty knickers to the outside world.

  • Linda1000

    She picked Fox News simply because it’s American. Parisians think they are so cultured and above being criticized especially by uncouth Americans who are generally from a violent gun culture.

  • Linda1000

    I spent about ten days in Paris around 1990 and have no desire to visit there again. Never did learn the French trick of being able to develop a sixth sense so not to step in the doggy poo all over the sidewalks. Don’t know if they’ve cleaned up since then. Their Metro was gross because it stunk of urine and vomit. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to get to London after Paris. The only thing I liked about France was riding on the TGV to Nice. My friend’s daughter was in Paris a few months ago and she didn’t like it either and thought it was dirty also. I’ll have to remember to ask about the doggy waste.
    Here we go, nothing much has changed in Paris according to this blog.

  • Millie_Woods

    “..why would Hidalgo limit her suit to Fox?”

    That’s a great example of a rhetorical question. Right up there with “Does a bear shit in the woods?”

    • Maggat

      No they don’t, they shit on logging roads!

  • catherine maneker

    Fox has a wide audience? Or she is the usual leftist who lies and says the opposite of truth? Wonder who is paying her? And who she is hoping will vote for her?

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    I am so angry with Hidalgo.

    Ezra Levant mentions:Samira Bellil and others like her who probably felt they were/are in a no zone area. I am enraged with Hidalgo and it isn’t necessarily because she’s left of centre.

    I actually admire the French PM: Manuel Valls and he shares Hidalgo’s left wing ideology.