Paris’s Muslim ‘no-go’ zones are no joke

“…Fox drew Hidalgo’s ire for saying that France in general and Paris in particular have numerous Muslim-run “no-go zones” that the police fear to enter. Fox did say that, but why would Hidalgo limit her suit to Fox? She could also sue Valeurs Actuelles, a major weekly newsmagazine, that warned against venturing into the Paris suburb of Trappes. “You will be spotted … and be stripped and smashed,” it quoted Mohammed Duhan, a local police official in a story about Islamic fundamentalists imposing an alternative society.

Or she could have sued TF1, France’s most popular TV channel, for its 90-minute documentary on the Muslim gangs in Paris’s no-go zones. Or France’s TV3, for its documentary on no-go zones.

Or Hidalgo could have sued the blue chip think tank, L’Institute Montaigne, for publishing Suburbs of the Republic, a 2,200-page report that stated Parisian suburbs are becoming “separate Islamic societies” increasingly ruled by Sharia law and inclined toward radical Islam.”