NYT Editor Dean Baquet: I did punch a hole in wall of my office once

Interview with Der Spiegel:

SPIEGEL: Mr. Baquet, your colleagues at the New York Times tell stories about you punching holes in the walls at the office when you get upset. Is this true?

Baquet: (laughs). Once was when I was Washington Bureau chief. I got angry at a decision made by New York not to put a story on the front page. I punched a hole in the wall of my office. Now that I am in New York, now that I’m the one who makes those decisions, I think I was obviously wrong and overreaching. The other one was after Jill Abramson, my predecessor, and I had an argument. I don’t think I punched a hole in the wall, I think I only slapped it. That was also immature.

SPIEGEL: What did you fight with her about?

Baquet: I can’t remember. We had a disagreement, but we had disagreements all the time. That does not mean that we fought a lot. The number one and the number two editors have disagreements.

  • G

    Typical journalist, punch only those that don’t punch back.

    • Frau Katze

      I never saw anything like that in my decades of work. Mind you, computer programmers are nerds. Journalists, especially those who get as far as him, are much more aggressive.

  • WalterBannon

    he was angry that the cost of his membership fee in the Nazi party was increasing…

  • Millie_Woods

    Dean Baquet “Bush is a disgusting lowlife, knuckle dragging, moronic loser”

    Jill Abramson “no he’s not. He’s a vile, mouth breathing, beetle browed, mental deficient”

    Dean “I’m tired of all these arguements. Can’t we agree on anything?

    Jill “that goddamn Bush is responsible for sowing so much discord here at The Paper Of Record”

    Dean “I agree”

    Jill “Beautiful. Fit that into your next editorial”

  • Frau Katze

    They’re struggling with the digital change

    SPIEGEL: The newsroom of the New York Times costs some $200 million a year to operate. Will digital subscription revenues ever be sufficient to sustain it?

    Baquet: I don’t know. But I think we need a newsroom that’s the size it is now. We’d be making a big mistake if we shrink it. I also don’t think all of the revenue will come from digital subscriptions. We have a mix of revenue sources and it will continue to be a mix for quite a while. What makes me more nervous is that we built this newsroom on a really high profit margin that has eroded significantly over the last years. I’m nervous that we won’t continue to have the profit margins that allow us to have a big, robust newsroom.