NYT Editor Dean Baquet: I did punch a hole in wall of my office once

Interview with Der Spiegel:

SPIEGEL: Mr. Baquet, your colleagues at the New York Times tell stories about you punching holes in the walls at the office when you get upset. Is this true?

Baquet: (laughs). Once was when I was Washington Bureau chief. I got angry at a decision made by New York not to put a story on the front page. I punched a hole in the wall of my office. Now that I am in New York, now that I’m the one who makes those decisions, I think I was obviously wrong and overreaching. The other one was after Jill Abramson, my predecessor, and I had an argument. I don’t think I punched a hole in the wall, I think I only slapped it. That was also immature.

SPIEGEL: What did you fight with her about?

Baquet: I can’t remember. We had a disagreement, but we had disagreements all the time. That does not mean that we fought a lot. The number one and the number two editors have disagreements.