Nice: 3 Muslims sentenced to probation for having abused a “bad Muslim” #NoSuchThingAsNoGoZonesInFrance

“Three Muslim men were sentenced Wednesday to six months suspended sentence in Nice for assaulting a baker with whom they had a dispute and they accused him of not being a “good Muslim.” Veiled death threats, the three men were convicted of violence and trespassing to six months suspended sentence, probation two years, prohibition of contact with the victim and obligation to indemnify for his injury.

October 29, 2014, Issam, manager of a snackbar, visits the bakery next door, accompanied by his cook, tagged by the police as likely to leave France to join the jihad, and the latter’s brother, to settlea dispute with the baker.

The three men accuse Loïc, a French of Tunisian origin who dropped his first name Lotfi during his naturalization, to have made sexual advances to a saleswoman they had recommended him -the facts for which it has the rest complained, but after the altercation in the bakery.


More… 3 Students permanently expelled from school for beating a Pro-Charlie Hebdo classmate

The three students of Chateauroux, suspected of brutally attacked one of their comradeswho had taken up the cause of Charlie Hebdo on Facebook after the attacks of 7 January,were permanently excluded from school, do we learned from Saturday the institution.

The three teenagers 15 and 16, had already been indicted last week for “group assault” by the juvenile judge.

  • WalterBannon

    good muslim, bad mulsim evil muslim…what the difference

    Deport them all

    Ban Islam.

    • winniec

      15% of Muslims support outright jihad. 65% support full Sharia and a caliphate. 35% are secular and don’t practice.

  • Brett_McS

    “Issam, manager of a snackbar”. Allah Snackbar?

  • Frau Katze

    They really go after any born Muslim not following the new sharia line.

  • Mickey Oberman

    With any luck Muslims will eventually destroy Islam.

    • winniec

      They are destroying the credibility of Islam with all their attacks on liberal-minded civilians. Islamic terrorism and supremacism has become too obvious for the Western liberals to ignore. Western liberals can no longer give passive support to Muslims because they can’t pretend they didn’t see the atrocities no matter how hard they have tried. Obama did not attend the Paris protest, though he should have. He will not get away with doing that twice.

  • winniec

    Junior Jihad High! ‘We stab them, you slab them’, our motto.
    If you criticize our jihad, you’re a RACIST!