Muslim group given ASBO after ‘violent’ Oxford Street preaching

A group of Muslim men have been given an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) that will restrict their behaviour at religious events – despite fears it could breach their human rights.

The decision comes after the men were all convicted of public order offences after disorder which broke out at a march in Edgware Road and a Dawah event in Oxford Street in May 2013.

Dawahs are public gatherings where Islam is preached. A judge at the Old Bailey has ruled that the 12 men cannot be in groups of more than five people at such an event, or in a group that is carrying a flagpole or burning anything – unless it is for smoking or keeping warm.

  • Ed

    Look at their faces. These guys have never felt so alive, so important, so consequential. That is what Islam gives them. A way to feel special, without having to do a damn thing to earn it, except spout shit that upsets people. (and grow beards and glower a lot).

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Punks, all dressed in black. Cowards like these travel in packs, too gutless on their own, except for maybe a bushwhack job, or a stab in an unsuspecting infidel back…

  • Blacksmith

    The judge is spineless. If I incited people to riot and murder which is what these animals do then I would be in jail. Lock them up without a release date since they don’t want to be part of society or deport them. I don’t even care if they were born in the country. If they hate it that much then ship them out to which ever crapstainistan they choose, they are not allowed to choose another democracy just an islamic craphole.

  • glasnost

    …unless it is for smoking or keeping warm…

    They could come to Canada and join a sweat lodge.

    • AlanUK

      They’re all yours. We’ll even pay the postage.