Mayor Trough Topper Upper: Raises all Round

Tory’s budget plan calls for councillor raises, office spending increases

OOOPS! Province vows not to cover Toronto’s budget gap

Normalcy has been restored to TO.

  • David

    The mayor employs “talented, experienced staff who are working on behalf of the people of Toronto to cut traffic congestion, keep taxes low and improve city services. They are compensated accordingly,” she said.

    We will keep your taxes low by increasing them. Right.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      Just wait and see how much money he gives away to nonprofit groups staffed by the radicals. They like to do this a “contracts” with no oversight as much as outright grants. But with no oversight the groups can do what the want with the money.

      But then it is only our money and he probably needs to pay off those he may have made promises to in return for their support during the election.

      It isn’t any different than Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson.

      You need to go through the budget line by line and find some sympathetic media to cover your research since most don’t do any investigative reporting any more.

      • I hear from sources that OCAP is anticipating a Big Fat Raise from Mayor John Tory.

        • Observer

          You only have to look at the groups that mostly employ OCAP’s executive like the Federation of Metro Tenants and Streethealth. How much money they get out of the city now under John Tory.


          But there are other nonprofits that employ OCAP rioters purposely to support OCAP, like Central Neighbourhood House, Seaton House and the Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre.

          The worst part is that is why the city gives these groups money so that OCAP won’t protest at their homes!

    • 2+2=5 in Toronto

    • Justin

      A “transgender” couple?
      Just curious!

  • simus1

    “Shariah John” is running true to form.
    Free TTC rides for runaway brats – wonder what Einstein whispered that in his ear until he thought he came up with it all on his own?

    • The Mayor of all the Trannies wants to be popular at all costs.

      • Observer

        Think about all the 14 year-olds or young looking 16 year-olds who will say they are 12. How will the TTC enforce that?

        Plus around schools at lunchtime and 3:30 you will have hundreds of kids cramming on not wanting to walk 1, 2 or 3 stops, and how many seniors trying to get on in the next stop or two will find the TTC unusable at these times around schools due to overcrowding?

  • Bataviawillem

    All aboard, the gravy train is running again.