Hamas Quietly Looking To Sell Giant Nude Portrait Of Muhammad – satire

“Even though this is high art, those philistines in ISIS probably don’t understand the finer points of Islamic culture

Gaza City, January 22 – What has long greeted visiting journalists and dignitaries to the palatial Hamas headquarters in Gaza City was a surprise: an imposing, forty-foot-tall portrait of the prophet Muhammad, riding naked and bareback on a camel toward Jerusalem.

Called ‘Stallion of the Desert,’ it has long been admired in Islamic art circles and is one of the Gaza Strip’s major – and only – tourist attractions.

“It’s a wonder of the Muslim world for sure,” said Hebrew University Islamic Art expert Shlomo Ben-Zion. “It hails from a time before the current prohibitions on depicting the prophet, and the Hamas leaders are said to have won it in a late night strip-poker game with the king of Saudi Arabia back in the 1970’s”…