Stopping Pegida: German pop royalty schedule concert for Monday night – demo moved to Sunday

PEGIDA organizers have moved their next protest, their 13th, in the eastern city of Dresden to Sunday, instead of Monday. It means their rally will not clash with an anti-PEGIDA concert taking place on Monday outside Dresden’s Frauenkirche church.

The concert, funded by the local municipality, is set to feature iconic German musician Herbert Grönemeyer and other pop stars, with crowds expected of up to 40,000. It’s the second week in a row that PEGIDA’s plans have been forced into a rethink…

Thus boasts relentless Muslim and immigrant cheerleader Deutsche Welle. Hey, DW, your descendents (in the event that you actually have any) may curse you.

Detailed discussion of the PEGIDA and elite pushback at Breibart (h/t Marvin): What the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About PEGIDA

  • WalterBannon

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    • Stronger Than Dirt

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      • Frau Katze

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        • winniec

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        • Stronger Than Dirt

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      • Minicapt

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    • Doug Kursk

      The war killed off a lot of right thinking people..the ones that took over
      were leftist to the core and took Communism’s ‘victory’ over their countrymen as license to rule in perpetuity.

    • winniec

      You’ve obviously nuked YOUR brain.

  • winniec

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