From our bulging “We need to criminally charge the government officials responsible for immigration in Canada” file

Muslim Terrorists Arraigned For Trial In Toronto

Mr. Esseghaier and Mr. Jaser, who are both in their 30s, were arrested in April, 2013, following a long cross-border investigation into an alleged plot to derail a commuter train travelling between Toronto and New York. Both have been in custody since.

On Friday, sitting on opposite ends of a glass-backed defendants’ booth in a downtown Toronto courtroom, they appeared to ignore each other entirely. Mr. Esseghaier, a former PhD student in Quebec originally from Tunisia, picked absently at his teeth and beard.

When Justice Michael Code, tried to enter a not guilty plea on his behalf, he raised his hand and interjected. “Don’t say ‘on behalf of me,’” he said, pointing a long finger at the judge. Judge Code agreed to alter his instructions. He still entered the plea, but he worded it differently, and Mr. Esseghaier sat back down.