Canada’s most racist city?

Aboriginal despair can be found across the country, but the news of Maclean’s Magazine naming Winnipeg as Canada’s most racist city has hit home.

  • Ron MacDonald

    The citizens of Winnipeg are so racist they elected a Metis for mayor.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I disagree. Thunderless Bay is way more racist. Virtually NO Natives have city jobs….Natives don’t even have to participate in the Ontario Works Program, they just show up in TBay, demand a welfare cheque, and get one…no questions asked. Mayor says Natives are $500 Billion dollar boon to the local economy…

    • G

      I was working for a large retail store & we needed some help.
      Since our city had a large & very vocal native population I thought it was only fair to have a few native workers. So I walked over to the native employment center.

      (They had their own because being poor little Indians they simply were unable to compete with others at the regular employment center.)

      (There was no employment center earmarked whites only or asians only – that would be racist)

      Anyhow, I walked in figuring since I had a job available during a time of local economic distress i would be welcomed. (nope) The …. “worker” there didn’t even get off her fat ass nor would she put down the celeb gossip magazine she was reading. She told me to leave a business card at the desk.

      Despite having ads up all over we received not one Indian applicant – not one.

      That was the last time I tried to be mr. good guy. If you lazy shits want a job go get one. I’m not giving you special consideration.

      • James Hamilton

        There was no employment center earmarked asians only – that would be racist)
        S.U.C.E.S.S. in metro vancouver is for east Asians only.

  • G

    Journalism 101. When you are too lazy to go out & find a story call some white straight people racists or homphobes.

    But journalists aren’t lazy, drunken, useless scumbags …oh nnnnoooooo.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I am happy that klepto-katz has left the scene.
    But, Bowman’s response to Macleans is beyond the pale.
    I am not Metis.
    My wife and children are.
    And if I was the mayor I would have stood at that podium and told Macleans to shove it up their ass.

    • Linda1000

      What are you talking about. That’s not what Bowman said.
      “My wife is Ukrainian heritage. My family is Metis,” he said as he choked back tears. “I want my boys to be as proud of both of those family lines.”
      Macleans magazine published a cover story that gave Winnipeg the dubious distinction. It cited the huge gap between aboriginals and non-aboriginals, as well as the recent high-profile death of 15-year-old Tina Fontaine, whose body was found in August wrapped in plastic in the Red River.

      It also comes shortly after an inquest report into the death of Brian Sinclair, an aboriginal double-amputee who died during a 34-hour wait for care in a city hospital’s emergency room in 2008. Some staff testified that they assumed he was drunk — “sleeping it off” — or homeless.
      The reaction to the article from city hall was swift. The police chief, the provincial treaty commissioner, chiefs and community leaders assembled — not to refute the article …
      “We do have racism in Winnipeg … You can’t run away from facts,” Bowman said following a closed-door traditional smudging ceremony. “Ignorance, hatred, intolerance, racism exists everywhere.

      “Winnipeg has a responsibility right now to turn this ship around and change the way we all relate.”

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Bowman got up to that podium and pulled a John Boehner in response to a dubious article published in Macleans.
        They could have chosen any major Canadian city to write about but I guess Winnipeg is where their dart landed when they were deciding.
        And then they cherry picked facts to back up their premise.

        Tina Fontaine’s killer still hasn’t been found.
        So what, last fall, Rinelle Harper was nearly killed by two native men, twice.

        Brian Sinclair’s death is racism yet Don Silver’s is not.
        Bullshit! Both are an indictment of the healthcare system.

        Bowman chose to wallow in guilt he doesn’t own.
        Like I said before, he should have told Macleans to shove it up their ass.
        He’s proof that racism isn’t as prevalent as they think it is.
        And I wouldn’t have said I want my children to be as proud of both of those family lines.
        My kids are proud of who they are.
        They have English, Irish, French, Dutch, Icelandic, Italian and Indian blood in their veins.
        And I have told them since they were little that they are more Canadian than I am.

        • Linda1000

          I definitely misread your comment. You said “I am not Metis.” referring to yourself and I thought you meant Bowman so that’s why I quoted his statement. I’m not that familiar with Winnipeg politics and the city native issues there but yes, Macleans could have picked just about any city in Canada and found similar issues. Agree, your mayor was being a little dramatic. Also, the city can’t be that racist because I think you have a current police chief who is black.
          I don’t know what the solution to Canada’s aboriginal issues might be as the problems seem to have escalated over the decades.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            The police chief is also a devout Christian but shhh.
            Linda, I have always found your comments to be reasonable.
            That’s why I doubled down on this issue.
            I’m dyslexic some times.

  • DMB

    I argue the Canadian Indian Act is the most racist policy. We don’t have the most racist city in Canada. We do however have other racist policies implemented by governments which are diversity based hiring policies that openly discriminate against white hetrosexual men in favour of women, people of colour and gays such as in police departments.

    • Minicapt

      Indian Act acquired and now maintains its racist nature through the lobbying of the “First Nations” grievance clubs.


  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Wanna see some of the the b.s. that goes on here? Usually never allowed comments here on Aboriginal topics…

    NO COMMENTS ALLOWED. ZU BEFHEL. ..odd tho’,,,coulda sworn I made a comment at 6am. I guess they didn’t like the trending of the comments this morning, so they said f*** free speech.

    • ntt1

      this is becoming very common, even the Nat. Post is doing it now, they will either ban comments as usual for stories about indians and muslims or if the comments are allowed but trending against the narrative of the story, the entire thread disappears down the rabbit hole

  • Victor Brimmerte

    Racism; a magical malediction used to make Whitey your bitch.

  • ntt1

    I was in Winter Peg a few years back, My local interpreter/guide and i waited at an intersection as a very impaired indian staggered about the cross walks . Motorists waited patiently like drivers will do in Vancouver to let ducks cross busy streets . my companion turned to me and said ; “you may think that is just a drunken chug staggering about but that is not the case , He is actually following an ancient Game trail.

  • cmh

    Clearly it is Macleans ‘despair’ which has driven them to produce this piece of crap. Of all the cities in Canada, Winnipeg is the least racist when it comes to First nations inquiry. Manitobans are extremely proud of the population of native people and they unabashedly celebrate the culture in many ways such as electing first nation politicians, and being the home to APTN, ….without this melding and celebration there would be nothing. The strongest asset of Winnipeg is it’s recognition and celebration of the first people. The main component and instigator of racism in Winnipeg is the provincial Child and Family Services Ministry which will shortly begin to be held accountable by a legislated ‘College of Social Work’ which is a first in the history of Manitoba. This new body will work to smash what remains of the colonial mandate of removing children from native families.

  • James Hamilton

    Want to experience real racism??
    Here; Visit any business owned by new immigrant (Chinese, east Indian etc.) if you could find ONE native Indian, or any outside their own ethnic group, working for them, then come & tell me Winnipeg, or white Canadians, are racist.

    • New Centurion

      Yep…I work for a certain govt dept that allows these people to hire only “ethnic cooks” etc and by “ethnic” I don’t mean the food I mean race. It’s total BS.

  • lolwut?

    What’s most amazing about this story is the media reporting on it keeps
    posting pictures of Native girls who were raped or killed by NATIVE MEN
    as examples of the so called “Racism” in Winnipeg.