Trudeau shows he’s no leader

Trudeau shows he’s no leader

Is Justin Trudeau fit to be prime minister?

In some ways that is the question that voters will be asking themselves between now and October, when they cast their votes.

This week Trudeau didn’t do much to help stop the line of attack from both the Conservatives and the NDP that he isn’t up to the job.

For months the Conservatives have been saying Trudeau is “in way over his head.” After initially choosing not to attack Trudeau, the NDP have also begun to target the Liberal leader saying Justin doesn’t have the experience to lead.

This week he proved both parties right.


Stephen Harper steps up in the face of evil but Justin Trudeau can’t even address the true threat. Watch this Shiny Pony struggle to take a stand.

  • FactsWillOut

    The feds are continuing to disarm Canadians, keeping terrorists here to run loose, and importing more all the time.
    I guess we could call Harper “Trudeau lite”.

    Provincial and federal cops punish folk who do not act exactly as they say every day.

  • disqus_PwGxBXHn8l

    Yet Justin seems tied in the polls. The fact is, those Canadians who VOTE are probably disproportionately “cougars” – older women who imagine they are attractive to men, belong to unions, get involved in politics, and vote in elections.

    As they would say, JUSTIN! JUSTIN! JUSTIN! How many neurons are required for this feat?

    The big problem isn’t that they will elect him and that he will disable our defenses. No, it is that when that happens, they will stage a big boo hoo hoo!!, embracing all kinds of people whose loyalties should be suspect and disgracing everyone who is willing to die for their families, friends, and country.

    I sometimes feel as if it is a civil war between the fans of Trudeaupia and people who think there is some reason that they and their families and friends should live.

    • DD_Austin

      The “enemy” isn’t the naive dupes who vote for Trudeau

      It’s the people who made Trudeau the head liberal,it’s the people who
      donate big to the liberal party and control it thereby, who want cheap labour
      and expensive land, and lots of immgrants.And a puppet to keep it that way.

      and the best puppets are the ones with good hair and no brains

  • Clausewitz

    Funny how Canada’s “third” party gets so much press. Mulcair as the leader of the “Official Opposition” must be thinking WTF.