Top US negotiator in Havana doesn’t know if Obama’s policy will work, Cuban diplomats insist the country won’t change

Havana, Old Town 1950s Style Car passing Run-Down house. Source.

The highest-ranking U.S. official to visit Cuba in more than three decades said Friday that two days of talks on re-establishing full diplomatic relations had left her with no sense of whether the new U.S. policy of engagement would achieve its goal of generating reforms that benefit the Cuban people.

The Obama administration says the goal of its Cuban policy remains the same: creating more freedoms for ordinary Cubans. Cuban diplomats said throughout the negotiations in Havana that the U.S. needs to abandon hopes of using closer relations to foment change on the island.

Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson told reporters Friday that the talks had left her with no clearer idea of whether Obama’s new policy has good prospects of success.

‘It’s very hard to say exactly how this will work,’ Jacobson said. ‘We think that we need to make decisions in our own interest and take decisions that are to going to empower the Cuban people but the verdict on whether that succeeds is still to be made’…