Saudi Arabia & Islamic State: The Next Successor to the Saudi Throne Will Be the Son of a Slave Girl

Assuming anyone allows him to take the throne due to his “dubious” lineage.

Now that Abdullah is dead, Crown Prince Salman takes over. And Salman is due to be succeeded by Crown Prince Muqrin. But… “his prospects are often questioned because he was born to a Yemeni rather than a Saudi mother of “approved” tribal lineage.”

That’s burying the lead.

“At 69 years old, Muqrin, the son of a Yemeni slave girl, is the youngest surviving son.”

That’s not just something ISIS does…

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was not declared until 1932, although ibn Saud had established control in much of the area before then. Slavery was officially abolished in 1962.

  • FactsWillOut

    I hope they go the civil war/failed state route.

    • winniec

      No chance. It would be a blood bath for innocent people. Are you mad?

      • FactsWillOut

        Better than that obscene theocracy.

      • TotallyPeeved

        What innocent people?

  • tom_billesley

    Salman has had at least one stroke, and “his mind wanders” i.e. he’s getting senile.
    He’ll have a minder.

    • winniec

      Maybe his daughter can run the government for him as Abdullah’s did.

  • Censored_often
  • winniec

    95% of all Muslims are descended from the bastards of sex slave girls RAPED by jihadists. The other 5% (I’m being generous) are the results of 50 generations of first cousin marriages and uncle-niece marriages.
    Ask a Muslim about it. Ask him if he is proud or ashamed of that.

  • I find that frightfully vibrant, don’t you?

  • mauser 98

    slave trade alive and well around there
    Qatar is accused of working 1,200 people to death re World Cup

    • simus1

      Lets be fair.
      It’s not really “slavery, slavery” as the ugly thought processes of a remarkably ugly black woman resident of Hollywood would conclude.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      When money talks, nobody criticizes its accent. – Alfred E. Neuman

  • simus1

    Slaves (usually the sons of the previous ruler and his concubines) becoming nominal or actual rulers has a long history in the middle east. There were many reasons for this but beside the more obvious ones of his squabbling legit half brothers cancelling each other out by their actions, there were supposedly some very convoluted theories in islam that placed lesser religious obligations on a ruler with slave lineage. This meant that such a despot could really do his despoting to the max for himself and his backers and his victims had less recourse against his depredations in koranic kourts.

  • minuteman

    I just got back from buying beer and popcorn. I’m hoping for a serious blood bath as various factions battle it out for the throne.

  • cmh

    The way I see this situation is simple…. Isis takes over Sodom Arabia by force, effectively destroying Mecca and the royal family(great news)….then the west comes in to avenge the sodomites annihilation and destroys Isis because the West wants them gone….voila. 2 birds…