Radicalization a growing risk in Canadian prisons, experts warn

Federal prisons are potential breeding grounds for Islamist radicalization and the government and correctional system are doing little to confront the public safety risk, experts warn.

Dr. Wagdy Loza, a psychiatry professor at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont., who has expertise in radicalized inmates, says the general profile of offenders coupled with a confined environment make prisons a potential hotbed for conversion to extremist views.

Hard data is scarce on the scope of convicted terrorists and recruitment to jihadism behind bars in Canada, but Loza said there is no denying the potential problem — and potential security risks.


A couple of years ago I posted on a Toronto mosque engaged in prison da’wah activity: Toronto Masjid Conducting Prison Da’wah Throughout North America Hates You, Your Society, Your Religion & High Heels

The Masjid al-Furqaan teaches hatred of Jews & Christians.

Here’s an excerpt from a document on their site entitled The Ideological Attack – A complete and final demolition of the plots of the Communists, Zionist Jews and Christians; and a wake up call for those who still stubbornly maintain that the Scholars of the Ummah do not know the current state of affairs. 

So no, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that inmates are being radicalized.  h/t JEH