Private Islamic University in Rotterdam under special supervision

Photo of the building. By Esther Seijmonsbergen Source.

The private Islamic University Rotterdam has been placed under special supervision by education ministry inspectors and the quality of its courses is under investigation, news agency ANP says on Friday.

This includes a review of the way in which the university’s vision on ‘citizenship and social integration’ is put into practice, education minister Jet Bussemaker said in answer to MPs questions. Potential foreign funding is also being looked into.

If the research shows a need for intervention, Bussemaker said she would ‘not hesitate to take that step’.

In addition, the university’s rector has been spoken to about ‘potentially anti-western and undemocratic’ comments by its rector Ahmet Akgündüz, Bussemaker said.

Nevertheless, the minister’s powers to intervene at the school are limited because it is a private institution…

‘Citizenship and social integration’ problems? What a surprise!

A photo from their Facebook page showing a huge swarm of Islamoloons at  what the caption says is Al-Aqsa Mosque, Temple Mount, Jerusalem (although it actually appears to be the Dome of the Rock).


  • DMB

    An Islamic University in Rotterdam, UK! What kind of degrees do they offer rape 101, sex slavery commerce, sharia no go law enforcement.

    As for the Muslims praying outside of the Dome of the Rock. Always interesting to point out that they are praying away from the DOR and towards Mecca yet they claim that Jerusalem is a holy city for them. Jerusalem is just another city they seek to conquer for their empire.

    • winniec

      The Dome on the Rock was Plan B after the Caliph had destroyed the Nabatean main temple at Petra. When Caliph Abd al Malik created the Dome on the site of Abraham’s sacrifice, he had hoped to talk Arabs to worship there. They refused. (As yet, Islam did not exist. The Arabs were still polytheists.) Abd al Malik had just destroyed the Kaba at PETRA (yes, Petra…) As yet, Mecca did not exist…nor is Mecca in the Koran, only an obscure word that is untranslatable. Arabs were worshipping the Black Stone which represented the Triple Goddess, Allat, Manat and Uza. The Triple Goddess was identified with Venus or Aphrodite or Astarte (hence the star of Islam). The direction of prayer did not point to Mecca until AD 750.

    • AlanUK

      You lost me with the first few words.
      Rotterdam UK?
      I am not aware of a “Rotterdam” in the UK, let alone one with a private Islamic University. Are you referring to Rotterdam in the Kingdom of the Netherlands?

      • DMB

        Rotherham UK is what I was referring too! My mistake.

  • Minicapt

    The photo was taken from the roof of the mosque, looking toward the “Dome of the Rock”.


  • Clausewitz

    Never an A-10 when you need one. If that offends you, then I care even less. I’m well past my best before date for Muslim tolerance.

    • Barrington Minge

      Agreed, my sell-by date is well past.

  • winniec

    “the university’s rector has been spoken to about ‘potentially anti-western and undemocratic’ comments by its rector Ahmet Akgündüz” …. yeah, ‘spoken to’…scary!
    And in England, a young school boy said ‘Islam’ and ‘terror’ in the same sentence and they closed the school. Hmmmm.

  • cmh

    No worries…they’ll just reopen in another location like Canada. much friendlier.