PressTV: ‘Zionist media seeking to destroy religions’

The Zionist-controlled media in the United States is seeking to “destroy” Islam and Christianity while promoting a “clash of civilizations,” an American scholar and journalist in Wisconsin says.

Radical secularists want to create a new world order in which religions are mocked and freedom of speech is considered sacred, said Dr. Kevin Barrett, a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance.

“The Zionist-dominated media here in the United states is helping foment a clash of civilizations against Islam, but which is secretly designed not only to destroy Islam, but also Christianity,” Barrett told Press TV on Wednesday…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Dr. Kevin Barrett of “Truth Jihad”
    Sounds legit.

    • winniec

      Barrett is a whack job.

      Quote: “Dr. Kevin Barrett is no stranger to controversy. He has been pilloried as a “nut” by Sean Hannity, drawn a death fatwa from Bill O’Reilly, and taken on sixty Republican state legislators who wanted him fired from his job at the University of Wisconsin. His latest proposal–that the US government should build the world’s tallest mosque at Ground Zero as an apology to Muslims for falsely blaming them for 9/11–is unlikely to quiet his detractors.”

      • Frau Katze

        Says Charlie Hebdo was “false flag”

        The Western media is “spinning this Charlie Hebdo affair, which actually appears to have been a false flag event created to unleash all this propaganda,” Barrett said.

    • Minicapt
    • Frau Katze

      Notice how PressTV (run by Iran) always finds these useful Western idiots to make these ridiculous statements.

      He’s the “Founding Member” of something called the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance.

  • DMB
  • winniec

    Those clever Zionists! But time out now for our sponsors, DELUSION MUSLIMS!
    PROTESTANTS, yes, PROTESTANTS are the owners of most of the news media throughout the world! Not the dirty Zionists at all. Wow.

  • WalterBannon

    ….said “Dr.” Kevin Barrett, a founding member of the Progressive-Nazi-Wingnut Alliance.

    • Frau Katze

      Yep, that’s him! LOL!

  • Icebow

    Definitely not 50 cal. We are all Zionists now, or should be.

  • Martin Luffa

    The Zionist-controlled media in the United States is seeking to “destroy” Islam and Christianity while promoting a “clash of civilizations,”

    Half correct, the Frankfurt School cultists (that happen to be overwhelmingly disproportional y represented by atheist racist tribal Jews), want Christians to disappear.

    Jews that know what it is to be Israeli and understand that Islam has core hate for Jews are starting to understand that the world is better off with Christians.

    • Frau Katze

      Don’t be ridiculous. This man is a nut. He’s a 9/11 Truther. Haven’t we linked to enough sensible Jewish writers by now to give you some pause for thought (Cherson & Molschky, Daniel Greenfield and other writers from FrontPage, founded by David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, Winds of Jihad, several from PJ Media such as Roger Simon). And there are more, perhaps you were not aware that these writers are Jews? BTW, I am not Jewish myself.

      There are millions of non-Jewish liberals who are extremely pro-mass immigration. I suggest you check out, say, the United Church (I’m assuming you’re Canadian, but their equivalents exist all over the West). It’s full of extreme leftists.

      • Martin Luffa

        Frankfurt School derived Jews far far far outnumber Jews that side with Christians. We fucking cheer about a 5% change in voting support going from left to right. It’s still 75% socialist voting for Jews.

        I used the word “disproportional” because when you take into account population size, Jews are disproportionally supportive of the genocide of Christians using the Muslim invasion.

        • Frau Katze

          They were disproportionally leftist (many came from very poor backgrounds) but this starting to change. David Horowitz’s father was a Communist sympathizer and he himself started as a leftist. He began to question this late 60s/ early 70s. His memoir is fascinating, for a look at the seamy side of the left of that era.

          Moreover, this writer is not anti-Semitic per se. His site appeals to Jews too. He appears to be very conservative socially and the media is not very sympathetic to that outlook.

          • Martin Luffa

            I am fully supportive of Jews that reject anti-Jesus thinking that has dominated Jew thinking for 2000 years.

        • Frau Katze

          From the article, you can see his mindset.

          The Western media is “spinning this Charlie Hebdo affair, which actually appears to have been a false flag event created to unleash all this propaganda,” Barrett said.

          “They’re doing this in order to try to get rid of the sacred from society and to put new sacred values in place of the traditional sacred values of traditional religions,” he noted.

          The media is trying to replace sacred religious values in Western societies with immorality, homosexuality, incest, blasphemy and destructive free speech, Barrett concluded.

          • Martin Luffa

            A muslims trying to pretend to be on the side of Christians

            divide and conquer. no surprise to me. there is university training for that.. pioneered by cultural marxists… disproprtionally…. you get the gist..

            coming home to roost

    • Frau Katze

      PressTV is run the Iranian government, where being a conspiracy theorist is a job requirement.

      • Martin Luffa

        I totally agree with the PressTV assessment

        the thing is that the anti-Christian Jews that really are such a disproportional part of the anti-Christian propaganda in the media are being held up as an example by PressTV.

        Eventually it’s going to be like Europe here. Are those Jews that side with the islamophobia industry going to “mea culpa”, or are they going to blame Christians for the rising antisemitism… just like Europe.

        • Frau Katze

          This was very educational for me. It’s a forum run by people mostly from the United Church. There is at least one atheist there, but no Jews. Try starting a thread to discuss the danger of Islam.

          No matter how carefully you phrase it, or back it up with Koran quotes, you’ll be attacked. You have to be extremely polite (no “nuke Mecca” stuff), but trust me, they are impervious to certain facts.

          My sister was told to stop linking to articles on the grooming gang scandals in the UK or she’d be banned. This was covered by the MSM, even The Guardian covered it. At one point, the moderator deleted one of her posts, and made the absurd claim that she linked to a “neo Nazi” site. By that time the post was gone, and it could not be disproved.

          A fruitcake who hangs around that site flagged it and told this to the moderator. My sister (Rosenmops) does not visit neo-Nazi sites.

          She was so annoyed (after years of being attacked) that she left the United Church for good.

          • Martin Luffa

            How did we get to this point?
            When did things change?
            Who were the first to demand Christians change to “accommodate” “diversity”?

            Marxism is very seductive. You are saying that an institution has been thoroughly subverted. As was planned and executed.

            Shall I be upset that the root of that subversion will reap the “rewards” of a culture that will let the Muslims kill every Jew in the end?

            Am I supposed to feel something for people that set themselves apart and the majority of them make it a point to set the stage for their own genocide?

      • Martin Luffa

        I mean your PressTV assessment

    • Alain

      Considering that they were Jews by birth only and therefore rejected Judaism and zionism along with a profound hatred for their own people, you fail to make the point you try to make. It is rather like claiming that Hitler represented all Christians and/or white people.

      • Martin Luffa

        Sorry bud, being a Jew is a racial thing. Matriarchal lineage. Israel requires proof. Tell me that Israelis are not being proper Jews by being that way.

        You can’t convert to Judaism, but Jews don’t want you to.

        I support Jews because at their faith’s root there is no chance of them being like Muslims.

      • Martin Luffa

        ” It is rather like claiming that Hitler represented all Christians and/or white people.”

        How about I claim that the CHEKA represents all Jews?
        That would be a fair comparison when it comes to Hitler and German whites.

        As for Christians, John 14:6

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  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    That Barrett fella is off-the-charts crazy, even by PressTV standards.

  • roccolore

    Press TV = Iranian State television.