Michael Savage: ‘Satan has entered the soul of the West’


We have two opposing forces fighting in the world right now,” Savage told his listeners this week.

“Muslim fanatics,” he explained, have simply filled the vacuum left by the progressives who have decimated society: “They destroyed the church, and then Satan entered the soul of the West.”

“What do we even stand for?” Savage wondered. “Sleeping with 15 people then doing an herbal ‘cleanse’ in the morning? Everyone’s into ‘detoxing’ now because they know their souls are polluted”

  • DMB

    He is right. There is a great spiritual and moral vacuum in the west due to progressivism and moral relativism. As we continue to abandon are judeo christian heritage in the name of diversity and multiculturalism we are allowing Islam to take its place changing our civilization into one resembling an Islamic one. The world it is not becoming more secular and atheistic but continues to be a religious one.

    • Osama was on to something when he referenced the strong horse.

    • Clausewitz

      Sadly the left gets the press while the people on the right go to work to help pay for the left’s entitlements. I love traveling through the US, but I tend to stay away from the coastal lunatic zones. Montana is my favourite state for just sitting down and talking to people.

  • winniec

    ‘Satan’ took the form of the cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School. Their goal was and is to destroy European civilization beginning with the Golden Rule and the spiritual authority of Christianity. The thirst to fill the spiritual void is being met with mindless esotericism.