J’Accuse: York University Newspaper Compares Orthodox Jews with Charlie Hebdo Terrorists

The common thread tying together the murders of Jewish worshippers in a Jerusalem synagogue, the murders of people in the Nigerian towns of Gaba and Doro Gowon, and the murders of Jews and cartoonists last week in Paris is Islamic terrorism.

Incredibly, the student newspaper at York University – the Excalibur – chose to frame its coverage of the Charlie Hebdo massacre around the moral failures of a handful of Orthodox Jewish men. The message given to over 55,000 students in Canada’s third largest university is that, somehow, it’s always about the Jews.

  • JoKeR

    I think it might have been Ecalibur and OPIRG YorkU that exposed the illegal use of killer robots by the Israelis…..

    • JoKeR

      I think they were trying to claim it was an “unorthodox” use of technology.

  • winniec

    Danielle Shachar has written a lucid critique of the incoherent ranting of Malik the jihad-supporter. Malik barely avoided calling for the genocide of all Jews, but would be pleased if all Jews were exiled from their ancestral homeland. By the way, the Koran recognizes Israel as the ancestral homeland of the Children of Israel…the Koran orders them to ‘dwell in the land’. He should look that up.

  • Hard Little Machine

    What will it take for Jews to quit working for and quit attending this fascist racist Jew hating organization?

  • lucius

    Come on. It’s York. It’s like Ryerson. Or Brock. These are not universities in any traditional meaning. They’re just glorified diploma mills, just part of the whole education racket that’s grown up in the last couple of decades.

  • Clausewitz

    It’s York. Did you really expect anything different?