If we don’t laugh, the terrorists win

It’s not surprising Iyad Ameen Madani, Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), wants to sue Charlie Hebdo for its front cover depiction of Mohammed.

After all, Madani comes from Saudi Arabia, the very country whose law enforcers recently dragged journalist Raif Badawi out for his first round of flogging, purportedly for insulting Islam.

In a case now referred by Saudi Arabia’s king to its supreme court, they administered only part of the punishment so Badawi could recover to feel the sting of the next installments afresh.

  • funkybarfly

    Punishments in the big sandy mental hospital known as Saudi Arabia are practically identical to the punishments meted out for the same “crimes” in ISIS-held Iraq and Syria.So I can only assume that Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with Islam either.Have I got that right,John Kerry?

    • Perfect;)

      Further since the Charlie Hebdo victims had it coming according to many then it only follows that the alleged increase in “Islamophobic” incidents are justified as those Muslims had it comin for killing infidels.

      • winniec

        Muslims consider verbal counterjihad to be ‘terrorism’ because it debunks Islam and makes Muslims appear like the gullible fools they deeply fear and know they are.
        They are angry at the mockery because they can see themselves in the mirror and hate themselves for the delusional foolishness of it all.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Another way would be to kill them all. And 5000 of their closest friends each of them.

  • winniec

    Btw, for those who need a translation, the cartoon says: ‘Mohammed publishes a cartoon strip of Charb with lots of ‘panels’ (i.e. boxes).

  • Hard Little Machine

    Did you ever come across someone too fucking stupid for sarcasm? Islam.Not.Even.Once.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘Satire is not the culprit here, the violent overreaction to perceived insults is.’

    Violent overreaction, eh?

    Well, Farzana, the Koran does say in two places (2:191, 2:217) that ‘tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter’.

    Those Koran verses are the perfect way to start writing a fatwa justifying, under Islamic law, the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo.


    • Mickey Oberman

      Hmmm. Might you be a Muslim???
      No. Couldn’t be.
      Not with a Hebrew derived name, JOSEPH.

      Mickey (Moshe)

      • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

        I’m just an atheist with an Arabic online name, ‘Yusuf al-Kafir’, that translates as ‘Joseph the Infidel’.

        Although, my sarcastic comment referencing specific Koran verses and writing a fatwa could make a person think I’m a Muslim. Oops. 😉

        ‘Yusuf’ (Joe)

  • Mickey Oberman

    Right on, Kitten.
    That is why I so enjoy ridiculing Islam, Muslims, Obama, Kerry, USA, UK, France, Sweden, Oh boy Obama and the list goes on and on.
    I consider myself a C.I. (Constant Irritant).
    More fun than a barrel of Kosher pickles.