Hairdresser creates ‘invisible’ skullcap made from hair samples so Jewish men can cover their head without fear of being attacked

New York City, May 2009. Source.

An Israeli hairdresser has created an ‘invisible’ skullcap made from human hair so Jewish men can cover their heads without fear of being targeted in anti-Semitic attacks.

Barber Shalom Koresh fashioned the skullcap – or kippa in Hebrew – from hair samples to obscure wearers’ identities as Jews following a rise in anti-Semitism in Europe.

The caps are proving particularly popular in France, Mr Koresh says, which has seen a spate of discriminatory attacks in recent years, including the killing of four Jews in the hostage stand-off at a kosher supermarket in Paris earlier this month…

  • Mickey Oberman

    That Jews should fear to wear a kippa or a Star of David or any other identifying item in a supposedly free and democratic country is untenable.
    It would be much better if they carried a gun if the ‘democratic’ society in which they live can not or will not protect them.
    Those same societies are comfortable with Muslim burkas and scarfs.

  • FactsWillOut

    Re-opening Auschwitz ain’t a bad idea, just not the way those protesters think…

    • winniec

      Auschwitz is a cemetery.

  • winniec

    Barbaric, Bronze Age savages. Tribal, toxic totalitarians.

    • Observer

      Who? The protesters or the politicians and bureaucrats who enable and support them?

  • WalterBannon


    How about a real solution – concealed carry and know how to use it