Gormley: Islam should not get special legal standing

“Unlike hate crimes where violence is incited against the group being victimized, in the case of real or imagined slights against Islam it is certain Muslims – offended at their faith being insulted – who are inciting or actually carrying out acts of violence.

Similarly, the provocation argument is no different than the childhood excuse that “my brother made me hit him” – a defence that usually never worked.


The article references the Saskatoon Charlie Hebdo protest. The spokesman for the event was Mustafa Mustaan. We posted earlier on his vile tweets and the lame showing by the local media.

As is always the case the MSM go far too easy on Muslim spokesman. Whether by ignorance, fear or ideological empathy they do us all a dangerous disservice by not exposing the rot that lies within Canada’s Muslim community.


Here’s one of latest – the Tel Aviv bus stabbing was a false flag by those sneaky zionists.


This is his Charlie Hebdo tweet. The victims got what they deserved.

Mustafa Mustaan evil fuck


  • cmh

    The aboriginals are gonna remember white european colonialism fondly once the muslims take over…. someone should let them know.

  • Freedom

    This has to be a joke

    • Frau Katze

      Sadly, no, conspiracy theories run wild in the Muslim world (of course, they exist at some level everywhere, but they seem particularly bad there).

      • Clausewitz

        Let loose the dolphins of war!!!

  • sanwin

    I’m almost done with screen grabbing his vile Facebook posts.

    He’s an Afghan immigrant who apparently had to run away from Afghanistan. On CTV he says it’s too dangerous for him to return to his homeland but his facebook posts indicate he visited last summer.