French Survey Respondents Reveal Anti-White Racism & Anti-Semitism A Priority Over “Islamofauxbia”

What a surprise.

Je suis Charlie? Then challenge the Islamophobia industry

If Europe really wants to pay tribute to the journalists and cartoonists massacred in Paris last week, it could do worse than ditch the term ‘Islamophobia’. For this empty, cynical, elitist phrase, this multicultural conceit, has done an untold amount to promote the idea that ridiculing other people’s beliefs and cultures is a bad thing. In fact, the widely used but little thought-on i-word has pathologised the very act of making a judgement. It has turned the totally legitimate conviction that some belief systems are inferior to others into a swirling, irrational fear — a phobia — worthy of condemnation and maybe even investigation by officials. That those two gunmen thought Charlie Hebdo’s ‘Islamophobic’ cartoonists deserved punishment isn’t surprising — after all, they grew up on a continent, Europe, that is so riven by relativism, so allergic to making moral judgements, that even saying ‘Islamic values are not as good as Enlightenment values’ is now treated as evidence of a warped, sinful mind, as a crime, effectively.

  • Frau Katze

    They won’t ditch “Islamophobia”. The elites are winning. They control almost everything —the press, the governments, the EU structure in Brussels, and last but not least, most of the financial interests, who care about nothing but short term profits. Oops, I almost forgot the universities, all under leftist elite control.

    • We will still fight back;)

      • winniec

        The jihadists shot up our on duty soldiers and Parliament! Die-Hard Kevin shot back. Canucks don’t stop when riled up. Muslims around the world are sensing Islam has lost face.

    • winniec

      The Leftarded King of Cultural Marxists, Georg Lukacs, pontificated, “Who will save us (Marxists) from European civilization?”
      The post-modern Leftards have found the answer: the Bronze Age Savage Jihadists will save us from European civilization!
      And forgive me, dear Frau, the Leftards have been losing this past 12 months. Over 50% of North Americans now see Islamic terror as a direct threat us.
      The Leftards are now in a tail spin…their false narrative has hit the wall of reality. We have a growing silent support of uninformed people who are gradually becoming informed in spite of the al Star-sleezeera, Justin, etc.
      (Hey, Jus, nice hair.)

  • winniec

    ‘Islamo-phobia’, as they call it, is really just ‘Islamo-logia’ (islamology).
    Islamology is the scientific study and description of the characteristics and doctrines of Islam. When we observe that Islam incites terrorism, we are describing jihad.
    Muslims who disapprove of jihad are non-practicing Muslims and in Sharia law, such ‘hypocrites’ should be punished for not supporting the sixth and most important pillar of Islam…jihad.

  • winniec

    The French are apparently aware of the ongoing ‘GRAND REMPLACEMENT’ of white, indigenous French people…and they want it to stop, but don’t know how to do it. The Leftards have been exposed.
    The poll shows French people are fair-minded…perhaps to a fault…but they still don’t want to be replaced by barbarians.