CBC: No more paid speaking gigs!

In light of recent conflict of interest scandals, the CBC has implemented a blanket policy that bans their talent from accepting paid speaking gigs.

  • mauser 98

    ppphhhrrrtt… jack expense account .. more than make up..no loss for the elite

  • cmh

    it would be nice if they didnt speak on tv or radio either

  • wallyj180

    Great, now the CBC’s reporters will refuse to work outside when the weather is bad.

  • Der Binger

    http://ckom.com/story/cbc-pay-bill-whatcott-defamation/522358 Hits keep on coming for the CBC.. Tsk Tsk

  • Petrilla

    For how many years have CBC spokesmen been trying to say the ordinary Canadian? THIS is the Question that deserves a government inquiry. And then after one point one billion dollars a year, Canadians choose freely to drop theCBC. And be done with the Beachcombers forever. CBC. No one watches you. Your news is about a week old and we see how you have doctored it after watching 3 websites. The news? CBC is the holds and we are sick of it.

  • simus1

    All CBC employees should be banned from addressing or attending any public/private meetings where their presence would be unrelated to on the spot news coverage or upgrading their work descriptions/qualifications, if any.

  • Mickey Oberman

    “CBC: No more paid speaking gigs!”

    This is terrible!
    How will David Suzuki pay to maintain all his mansions??

    • Tom Forsythe

      It only applies to journalists.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Never forget that Amanda Lang is the daughter of Otto Lang.
    As Jim Lahey would say on Trailer Park Boys, the shit apple doesn’t fall far from the shit tree.

    • ntt1

      The entire rotten crew is interrelated and incestuous like an isolated goat herders camp.