Catholic leaders affirm immigration reform is a pro-life issue

From a poster included at the linked article.

As Catholics committed to building a culture of life, we write to urge our fellow Catholics in Congress to support the U.S. bishops’ effort to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Our nation’s inhumane and flawed immigration policies leave migrant women, children and families abandoned by the side of the road…

…Immigration is “another pro-life issue,” the cardinal reminds us, echoing our Holy Father Pope Francis, who views abortion, extreme economic inequality and the death of migrants as part of a “globalization of indifference” and a “throwaway culture” that treats human beings as disposable.

There are more than two dozen pro-life Catholics in the House of Representatives. Many of them will join thousands of people of faith, including some of us, at the March for Life in Washington (today). As brothers and sisters in faith, we urge these elected officials and all Catholics to defend the sanctity of human lives at all stages. We recognize the image of God in the migrant at the border, in the prisoner on death row, in the pregnant woman and in the hungry child…

Nice sentiments but  many of these “migrants” are simply looking for better-paying work.  They are not escaping dire conditions, especially the ones from south of the US border.  Many of those in Syria are in worse shape but most of them are Muslims – I do not agree that we have an obligation to take them when wealthy Gulf oil states  are ignoring them.  Christianity is not a suicide pact.

Before this sets off arguments about Catholicism, take note that all the mainline Protestant churches are well to the left of the Catholic Church and are wildly enthusiastic about the on-going population replacement program.

  • Oh well nothing lasts forever, not even the Catholic Church.

  • Dana Garcia

    The catholic church is fully committed to an open-borders planet, particularly for the US which it would like to dominate. The bishops have spent millions of dollars to lobby for amnesty, and many illegals are catholics, conveniently. The “life” gambit is just another ploy to advance the Vaticrat agenda.

    Just today Breitbart reported that the Pope would like to cross the Mexican border as a “beautiful gesture” of solidarity with lawbreakers. Funny, but Jesus preached that people should obey Ceasar’s laws.

    • Ok, he’s a Bad Pope, there can no longer be a doubt.

      • BillyHW

        The church survived John XII, but I’m not so sure it’s going to make it this time.

      • winniec

        He’s been promoted above his level of competence, I’m sorry to admit. Disappointing. He’s revealed his character and politics. He’s a Marxist.

    • Guest

      “Funny, but Jesus preached that people should obey Ceasar’s laws.”

      Funny, but Jesus did not advocate INVASION

      fucking retard

  • James Hamilton

    The problem with this world is that it’s grossly overpopulated AND majority of it’s population are useless wretches like these…………………..

  • Petrilla

    African nun just joined nunnery in Italy had terrible pains, delivered a baby boy, nuns will take care of him. Sisters, join the world. Just like the last few years. I will bet those babies will be best loved. Judge not lest ye be judged. or would we rather they would be abandoned. this one is for BCF, last week a baby was abandoned in a stairwell in Russia. There was an old abandoned cat that everyone knew in the area and when people opened the door they found the cat curled around and giving warmth to a perfectly healthy pink lovely baby. To me this is the perfect Bla:-) king CT Fur Story. Both babies fine, one because of a cat. Wish we knew what happened to that cat.

    • Blacksmith

      The cat story was here.

  • Martin Luffa

    Feudalism is still alive with Catholics.

    • winniec


      • simus1

        Two sides of the same coin.
        What maxists say they want is designed to put them in power.
        What they really want always involves very large scale slaughter.

  • winniec

    Canada has always had a mixed population, but it was predominantly British, French and German. None of the new, recent immigrants (or older ones) to Canada want a Muslim-majority Canada, but if you vote for Shiny Pony that’s what you’re going to get. Even so, the present rate of immigration will replace the population entirely in 90 years or less. That would mean an overwhelmingly Muslim majority and I think that’s unacceptable. We are placing a burden on future generations that will lead to the destruction of the country from within.

    When Muslims get to be 30% of the population, what makes the Liberals think they will not form their own Islamist-Sharia political party?

  • winniec

    Prime Minister King said, ‘No one has a right to come to Canada.’ It was a privilege that Canadians extended as THEY chose. In the house, King stated, “”The policy of the government is to foster the growth of the population of Canada by the encouragement of immigration. The government will seek by legislation, regulation and vigorous administration, to ensure the careful selection and permanent settlement of such numbers of immigrants as can be ADVANTAGEOULY ABSORBED in our national economy. It is a matter of domestic policy […] The people of Canada do not wish as a result of mass immigration to make a fundamental alteration in the character of our population. Large scale immigration from the Orient (read Islamists and Jihadists) would change the fundamental composition of the Canadian population”. All immigrants I know who are not Muslim, don’t want more Muslims. That’s why many of them came here…to get away from them.

  • Wow, that’s a reach!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    If that is my choice, I’d rather have the abortions, thank you very much.

  • Kathy Nelson

    Wasn’t there just something on the news about Catholics breeding like rabbits? Who said that? The pope? Yeah, it was. He’s the guy who supports fanatics who murder doctors and nurses and lets babies be born to poverty and suffering – just to keep up tithes to the church.

    • Karen, when has the Pope – any Pope, ever – said anything whatsoever in support of people “who murder doctors and nurses”?

      Do you believe that anyone who opposes abortion advocates murdering abortionists?

      You don’t seem like a well woman to me.

  • Kathy Nelson

    The Catholic church’s involvement in politics should disqualify them from any non-profit status. All their properties should be taxed at local and federal rates. Once an official of the church (any church) contacts a politician about legislation it should trigger an IRS alert.