Catholic leaders affirm immigration reform is a pro-life issue

From a poster included at the linked article.

As Catholics committed to building a culture of life, we write to urge our fellow Catholics in Congress to support the U.S. bishops’ effort to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Our nation’s inhumane and flawed immigration policies leave migrant women, children and families abandoned by the side of the road…

…Immigration is “another pro-life issue,” the cardinal reminds us, echoing our Holy Father Pope Francis, who views abortion, extreme economic inequality and the death of migrants as part of a “globalization of indifference” and a “throwaway culture” that treats human beings as disposable.

There are more than two dozen pro-life Catholics in the House of Representatives. Many of them will join thousands of people of faith, including some of us, at the March for Life in Washington (today). As brothers and sisters in faith, we urge these elected officials and all Catholics to defend the sanctity of human lives at all stages. We recognize the image of God in the migrant at the border, in the prisoner on death row, in the pregnant woman and in the hungry child…

Nice sentiments but  many of these “migrants” are simply looking for better-paying work.  They are not escaping dire conditions, especially the ones from south of the US border.  Many of those in Syria are in worse shape but most of them are Muslims – I do not agree that we have an obligation to take them when wealthy Gulf oil states  are ignoring them.  Christianity is not a suicide pact.

Before this sets off arguments about Catholicism, take note that all the mainline Protestant churches are well to the left of the Catholic Church and are wildly enthusiastic about the on-going population replacement program.