As L.A.’s Muslims condemn French attacks, a gap on what’s to blame

“…For Ani Zonneveld, the founder and president of Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV), the practice of Islam in much of the world today — Wahabi or Salafi Islam — provides the framework necessary for theologically justifying terror and violence in Islam’s name. “It has been corrupted internally,” Zonneveld said in a Jan. 15 telephone interview. “It’s been bought [and] paid for by money — by Saudi money.”

Zonneveld, 52, grew up in Malaysia and moved to the United States in 1981; she remembers her native country, which is majority Muslim, as being “inclusive and loving and accepting of other faith traditions.”

“It was that way,” she said. “But it isn’t anymore.” A singer-songwriter, Zonneveld founded MPV in 2007 after receiving criticism for producing Muslim music that included a female singer. Now, MPV has female imams, and its leaders perform both same-sex and interfaith weddings.”


Wow, an LA Muslim in every sense of the word. I somehow doubt she’s taken seriously by the Imam or the guy from the Muslim Brotherhood front group MPAC also quoted in the article.