Interview with escaped Yazidi slaves

‘NAZDAR’ (voiceover translation): I saw with my own eyes those people taking my friends by force and beating them. After sleeping with them for one night, they’d sell them to someone else.

As you can see from this family photo, Khaled Sharrouf is Father of the Year material.

MATT BROWN: This is where, in a sort of slave clearing house, the Yazidi women first met an Australian Islamic State fighter.

‘NAZDAR’ (voiceover translation): The first time the Australian came into the hall, he was fat, with a giant body and just looking at him was frightening. So I fell down crying and sat down beside the guard who was holding us.

MATT BROWN: Nazdar is one of seven Yazidi women who say they were held captive by Australian Islamic State fighters. 7.30 interviewed four of them and showed them a series of photos of alleged Islamic State members. Each one identified this man as their captor. Khaled Sharrouf is a notorious jihadist, convicted and jailed for his involvement in a terrorist plot in Australia. Now, he’s accused of keeping slaves.

…’GHAZALA’ (voiceover translation): His children were treating us badly as well and they had knives and cellphones, saying that they will take videos while killing us because we follow a different religion. And said that they will make a video while cutting off our heads.

…’LAYLA’ (voiceover translation): If those terrorists are ever caught, they must make sure that they will never escape. I want them to punish those terrorists and torture them.

Works for me. Video at link.

  • Ho Hum

    MUSLIM parents just want their children to get a HEAD

  • Frau Katze

    He’s using all the ancient techniques of tribal war. Enslave the women, force into marriages (although these got away). Kill the men. Enslave the children. It’s described by Homer (8th century BC, estimated).

    The same methods were used by Mohammed hundreds of years later. Mo added the provision that Christians and Jews should get a slightly better deal (People of the Book). But the Yazidis aren’t in that category, so it’s back to the most primitive forms of war for them.