Why Are So Many French Jews Voting for Front National?

The number of Jews who voted for the far-right National Front party soared in the most recent presidential election from the previous two votes, surveys showed.

In the surveys of French Jews, some 13.5 percent of 1,095 respondents who self-identified as Jews said they voted for National Front President Marine Le Pen in the 2012 presidential elections.

Asked about the two previous presidential elections, from 2002 and 2007, respectively only 6.1 percent and 4.3 percent of Jewish voters polled said they chose the National Front candidate — Le Pen’s father and predecessor as party leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who has a history of convictions for “inciting racial hatred” and Holocaust denial. Marine Le Pen has worked to rehabilitate the party and recently entered a war of words in the media with her father over his suggestion to put a Jewish singer “in the oven.”

The surveys were conducted over 10 years and compiled by the IFOP polling company for publication earlier this month by the news website atlantico.fr, which commissioned the report.

The National Front is a vociferous critic of what it describes as the government’s inaction to stop France’s “Islamization.”

Overall, National Front candidates received 19.2 percent of the vote in the first round in 2002 and 10.6 percent and 19 percent in the first rounds in the following two elections…

  • Jay Currie

    I know, I know… Pick me…. ’cause Jews are smart.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    So the National Front is European Jewrys last, best hope?
    I believe it!

    • Canadian

      It is their only hope!

      • Jay Currie

        Of course, to be fair, the NF appears to be France’s only hope as well… The Jews were just a bit quicker on the uptake.

    • Destroyer-Drone

      Believe it as much as you want. Jean Marie Le Pen is the godfather of Dieudonné’s kids. The FN are complete wimps when it comes to attacking islam, and that’s precisely because they want muslims to vote for them.

      Get this straight.

  • roccolore

    Because they’re tired of Muslim asslifters getting special privileges?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Some people look at this aghast and scream ‘how can this be?’ while at the same time pushing Jews to violently support the left wing which openly hates Jews. The irony of that is lost on them. Look, Le Pen is no great fan of the Jews but sometimes you have to make a strategic decision in the face of people who are trying to kill you. Either way the prospect for Jewish existence in France is dim, very very dim.

  • Destroyer-Drone

    That is one desperate attempt to turn things over.

    Unfortunately for the Jews, the FN is as pro-arab and pro-muslim as any other political party and is well in line with speeches on “radical islam”.