UK: Christian school closed after one student referenced Muslims & terrorism

Pupils at a Christian school have been branded bigots after a young boy gave the wrong answer when asked what a Muslim was.

Durham Free has been told to close after inspectors branded it an educational failure and said some children displayed ‘discriminatory views’ toward people of other faiths. The boy’s answer to
the Muslim question apparently included a reference to terrorism.

But teachers said the verdict was grossly unfair and based on a throwaway and ignorant comment made by a single pupil. They said the school’s Christian ethos made it an easy target for officials who wanted to show they were promoting the Government’s diversity agenda.

h/t ZD

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The kid should have said “rape” instead of terrorism.

    • Brett_McS

      Grooming gangs?

  • Clink9

    Hopefully he answered “lunatics” to describe the school inspectors.

  • eMan14

    Kids can be brutally honest.
    And he was.

  • Gary

    The issue should be to ask Muslim kids what they think of non-muslims of gays.

    • LauraS

      You can bet these vile bureaucrats won’t be going anywhere near Muslim schools. Much easier to pick on Christians than tackle the real source of your country’s problems.

  • angrymike

    Why not say ” School closed for teaching the truth” ??? That’s what it was, wow its really messed up over there, and probably our future………

    • winniec

      It actually is. Koran 8.60 ‘Turhibunna’ (terrorize them)… (an eternal commandment)

      • angrymike

        I haven’t read the Koran, but have seen passages out of it, that’s why I said “teaching the truth” . I will read it in its entirety, but dont have the time now…. 😉

  • bambi

    It’s really important to stun the youth’s free speech.

  • winniec

    If a school is to be closed because of the remark of ONE YOUNG CHILD, political correctness shows itself very insecure. Why was the child not sent to RE-EDUCATION CAMP instead?
    UK has no lost its way completely, punishing an entire institution for a politically incorrect comment from a child (not even a teacher) is overkill and shows the heavy, oppressive Leftarded hatred of Christian schools and European culture in general.
    God save Britannia from this Death Wish.

    • Jason

      Perhaps there is an element of insecurity present, but it is also just an efficient way to accomplish their goals. They promote “diversity” by shutting down anyone who disagrees with the accepted groupthink. And as Mark Steyn says, “why bother winning the debate when you can just close it down?”

  • simus1

    Third world style selective persecution like this, without any prompting, is also a very effective way to get noticed and be put on the fast track by the elites.

  • tom_billesley

    As good dhimmis, according to the Pact of Umar we kuffar must not teach the koran to our kids. (I think it;s something to do with the muslim dislike of being the butt of ridicule).

  • Blacksmith

    So the kid spoke the truth and they closed down the school, okay I understand now…..