The truth about Islam our elites willfully ignore

To many in the Muslim world, the United States is “the great Satan.” Nevertheless, there is no place safer and more prosperous in the world for a Muslim to live than right here.

Why is that?

It’s because there is something fundamental about Islam we have chosen to ignore due to political correctness. This truth is so self-evident, I find myself nodding my head in agreement with Bill Maher — someone whose worldview is the polar opposite of mine — whenever he speaks on the subject of the West and Islam.

This truth is that Islam has literally been at war with others and itself from the very beginning. It’s founder, Muhammad, spent the last two decades of his life in almost constant warfare. Unlike Christ, who willingly gave up his own life to pay the penalty for the sins of others, Muhammad died taking the lives of others who would not willingly submit to Allah.

This is historical fact.