“the female jihadi is now chief recruiter, groomer and propagandist for this murderous cult”

British girls join Islamic State and we dismiss them as ‘jihadi brides’

“…Messages on Twitter and Tumblr from Western women in Isil encourage their European sisters to travel to Syria, or carry out terrorist attacks on their home soil. Their appeal is powerful and growing. We continue to overlook their activities – focusing solely on their male counterparts – at our peril.

Melanie Smith, a research associate at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, at King’s College London, has revealed these women’s less benign role and has collated the only known register of Western female recruits. Exact figures are unknown, but in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the anti- Islamisation marches in Germany, she has found that the number of young European women being recruited is on the up.

Miss Smith’s research also shows that it is well-educated and well-informed girls who are drawn to this life. For example, Aqsa Mahmood, 20, was Glasgow-born and privately educated – but she is now married to an Isil fighter in Syria and is mother to his children. She calls for her fellow Muslims in the West to copy murders like that of Fusilier Lee Rigby.”

I am a bit confused by this piece. The author refers to “vulnerable girls” who are “ignored” by society and thus seek belonging in ISIS.

Just how vulnerable is someone whom to quote the article is “well-educated and well-informed”.

As for being “ignored,” Islam, their very “faith” is the wall that separates them from integration with society. A society Muslims are taught to shun and regard as filth.


  • BillyHW

    Sugar and spice and everything nice.

  • Even though Muslim women are themselves victims of Muslim men, they naturally consider themselves equally Muslim, as they were brought up to be. They are wives of Muslim men and the mothers of future Muslim men and women. Their beliefs and values are Muslim beliefs and values. Therefore, relative to the non-Muslim world, they are just as hate-filled and aggressive, and dangerous and guilty.

    • I would hesitate to call many of the recruits marginalized or ignored by society, the blame lays solely with Islam.

      • Of course, Islamic doctrine is to blame. The problem is how certain peoples and cultures who are tightly attached to this doctrine be separated from it? It is a job requiring many generations and much good will on their part. This cannot happen overnight. Therefore, the only practical way to deal with the problem is to keep the people with this problem (Islam) in their own countries and out of the West. Let them solve it there over time; it cannot be solved here and now.

        • winniec

          Islamic doctrine is ‘perfect’, ‘complete’ and ‘eternal’, so nothing in Sharia may be changed without committing heresy and treason against the Ummah.
          ‘Cannot happen overnight’ ??? No, Avi, it can’t happen AT ALL. The only solution is for Muslims to be deprogrammed. It’s a Death Cult.

          • I meant deprogramming. If a watered-down version of Islam was proposed, there would always be hotheads who want to prove their zeal by orthodoxy. So the long-ter solution to the problem of Islam, is the removal of this whole doctrine from the world scene. This won’t happen overnight, if ever. Hence, logically, in view of the urgency of the danger to the West, it is best that Moslems be kept in their own countries and not allowed to sow violence in the West. They should receive no modern weaponry or technology that would allow them to continue their jihad even from abroad (e.g. Iran’s nuclear ambitions). Will this happen – maybe if a Churchill or two appear among us.

        • You’re right, Islam is not compatible with western culture and poses a great risk to society. So why have western nations including Canada opened the doors to Muslim immigration?

          It makes no sense that our own government would wish this upon the country they were elected to serve.

          • Initially it was naivety – the silly thought that Muslims would integrate into our culture as other minorities have done.
            Then, came refusal to admit error. Now these ‘liberals’ are entrenched in their error of judgment and fight hard to deny it. The question is, who will have the courage to say that the Emperor is naked, and reverse the trend on time? I think Stephen Harper is a great man, and could do it. But he would need a lot of support. If Justin Trudeau is ever elected G-d forbid that would be a sign of the beginning of the end for Canada.

      • winniec

        Exactly, BCF. Islamic Stockholm syndrome.

  • winniec

    Apartheid (Islamic style!) is determined by the second most IMPORTANT and BEST DOCUMENTED doctrine in Islam: “Al-Walaa wal-Baraa” (friendship and disassociation). ‘Good’ Muslims never have true friendship with a dirty kafir.
    Muslims must create a total separation between Muslims and dirty kafirs. This WALL OF SEPARATION is just as thorough-going as the historic APARTHEID of South Africa.

  • Sean

    Perhaps the most important recruiting message here is being buried. Girls. Sex-starved boys will do anything they can to get girls.

  • fluffy

    The west must apartheid itself from The Muslims.
    Eg Bosnia is a great example.

  • eMan14

    Anyone under the spell of a dangerous doctrine is a threat.