Politics gets heated: Throwing chairs in Kathmandu

A constitution assembly member of an opposition party throws a chair during a meeting inside the Constituent Assembly building in Kathmandu, Nepal. The new assembly was elected to write a constitution after the abolition of the 240-year-old feudal monarchy.

Bikash Dware/Reuters

  • Don’t over-exaggerate Frau Katze! All the man is doing is casting his ballot — the ballots are simply oversized for illiterate persons. I hear that the NDP and the Occupy crowd are going to bring in ballots like that for the election this year out of sensitivity for ip’s:

    Vote Tom Mulcair (or else!)

    • Frau Katze

      We will be seeing such scenes here!

  • Edubeat

    Not necessarily …. they just look like another frustrated group of Leafs fans at the ACC

  • Hard Little Machine

    What is this? The Boondocks?