Palestinians march for terror or against?

The world cannot allow the Palestinian leadership to get away with the lie that they oppose terrorism when they constantly praise it when it is visited upon Jewish Israeli civilians

On Sunday, January 11, 2014, Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority (PA), was in the front line of millions in the anti-terrorist march in Paris in protest against the brutal attacks that had occurred in the city three days earlier. An official statement issued on January 10, 2014 by the PA condemned “all terrorist attacks that claim innocent lives.”

Notwithstanding the symbolic gesture by Abbas and the formal statement stressing the “sacredness of human life,” the PA and Fatah did not condemn “all terrorist attacks.”

They continue to glorify acts of terror, as well as introduce severe punishment for behavior of Palestinians. President Abbas announced a decree that any Palestinian who sells, transfers, or leases land to a “hostile country or its citizens” is now to be punished by life imprisonment with forced labor.

No one needs to guess the identity of the hostile country or its citizens.

  • winniec

    But it isn’t ‘terrorism’ when Muslims do it.
    Muslims are tribal. All members of the ‘other’ tribe are ‘enemies of Islam’…their lives, property and honour are all ‘licit’ to be ‘taken’ by Muslims.
    Our Western Libtarded cultural Marxists KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ISLAM.
    They open their mouths and INVENT WHAT FEELS GOOD. They have no acquaintance with Sharia law or the earliest Islamic source texts from which it comes. They are criminally negligent and criminally CLUELESS about Islamic terror. For that reason, the terrorists are EMBOLDENED to new acts of terrorism because our leaders STILL HAVEN’T GOT IT! The terrorists split their sides laughing at our politicians!

  • just a thought

    “…imprisonment with forced labor.”

    It used to be (probably still really is) death.

  • simus1

    Abbas is a gangster who heads a murderous gangster/terrorist regime in the west bank which is constantly at odds with a rival gangster/terrorist regime ruling gaza.
    Ruling Euro scum seem to think they can finesse their way to some sort of accommodation with these monsters if they dump plenty of “aid” money at their feet and look the other way while they steal it.

  • Zaba

    It’s the annual new year block.
    I believe these events happened in 2015.

  • Observer
  • Observer

    Abbas only wants Piece.

    The piece of Israel called, Jerusalem, the piece of Israel called Haifa, the piece of Israel called Tel Aviv, the piece of Israel…..