One in eight Danes wants a party to the right of Danish People’s Party

From Wikipedia.

Thirteen percent of voters in a recent poll said that Denmark needs a party even more critical of immigration than the Danish People’s Party.

For more than one in eight Danish voters, the hardline approach to immigration from the Danish People’s Party (DF) is not hard enough.

In a poll carried out for Jyllands-Posten newspaper this week, 13 percent of respondents said they wished there was a party that would push for an even harder immigration policy than DF.

Among so-called ‘blue bloc’ voters – i.e. supporters of Denmark’s right-of-centre opposition parties – one in five said they want a party that would push a tougher immigration line than DF.

The poll results came in the same week that the populist movement Pegida, which opposes what it calls ‘Islamization of the West’, made its Danish debut. Many have questioned whether Pegida can find a footing in Denmark given that DF already gives anti-immigration voters a political home…